Viacom to buy Take Two for $1.5 billion?

Industry rumours are building that Viacom has launched an official bid to seize control of Take Two Interactive.

The entertainment giant headed by Sumner Redstone is owner of MTV, Nickelodeon, Paramount Pictures and Dreamworks Studios. Annual group revenues are over $11 billion.

MCV understands that Viacom has made an offer of £23 a share for the games company behind blockbusters such as Grand Theft Auto and Bioshock. Last night Take Two shares were trading at just under $16, but mid-term ratings have been increasing for the stock since it was confirmed that GTA IV would be released at the end of April.

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Bathyj4323d ago

Why doesn't Sony just buy them already.

Iamback4323d ago

Sony currently has PS3 to deal with, maybe year from now they would be able to.
Also it might be possible that they are not interested in possible Sony offer, because then they would be limited only on PS3, where they can make a lot of money developing multi platform.
Third and maybe most important is that from what i know, is that Rockstarsgames contract with Take Two will expire this year, so they will be not included in possible purchase of Take Two, of course IPs go to Take Two, but more important, developers behind GTA4 will be free, or at least that studio.
So there are a lot of combinations. But who ever gets (MS or Sony in possible scenario) gets their hands on GTA IP and Rockstar, they will be winners in this and possibly in future generations. Unless GTA4 ends up being major flop and no one cares any more after that one.

solidt124323d ago

Agreed. Stay within the gaming circle. Viacom will ruin this company.

Iamback4323d ago

Who wants to bet that EA will buy them and "ruin" them too?

bootsielon4323d ago

EA at least knows SOMETHING about the industry.

Iamback4323d ago

Even if i don't like EA i have to agree. Also that means game would be multi platform

Crazyglues4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

For one it would be a great move for them because of bioshock, which would then be under the Microsoft label and give then a nice exclusive for part 2.

Not to mention getting the GTA franchise. Something that could very well guarantee their next gen console sales. By having an exclusive GTA 5 or 6 to come out only on their next gen Gaming System. Add Halo 4 and you will be killing Sony.

But I guess there too busy trying to buy Yahoo to even care.

I would love to see Sony buy them because it would be a smart move for them but, I just don't think they can afford to do it right now.

iNcRiMiNaTi4323d ago

didnt viacom and microsoft merge a couple months back or was that just for tv shows?

green4323d ago

Viacom and Microsoft have a 500million dollar digital patnership.

So if viacom buys Take Two interactive.Then expect Microsoft to partly benefit from it.

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