Is the Age of Single Player Dead?

Two games series consumed massively by the masses, but not exactly for the single player. Lackluster and desensitizing sum that experience, but only in multiplayer games have I ever clocked over 200 hours on a single game. Why? It’s not new stuff.

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Axonometri2218d ago

At least not in my book. Certainly things have changed, a lot, but great single player games are surely a viable genre.

Hellsvacancy2218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

I bought Max Payne 3 a couple of weeks ago, I finished it yesterday, the mulitplayer really doesnt interest me the least bit, thats why ive not tried it

I shall play through it one more time then trade it in

I did however buy the new maps for BF3 today, so I do like multipalyer games, IF the game is made for multiplayer its different

I do prefer a good singleplayer game, Demons/Dark Souls is PERFECT, more games should be the same

Saryk2218d ago

No, why would it? I like playing solo, I like playing in LAN and I hate cheaters.

jambola2218d ago

no way
if i had to invite someone over, go to someones house or go online to play games i would probably go near stopping playing games alltogether .
it's nice to be able to play games alone or in peace.

Scenarist2218d ago

or on the road.. or when the internet connection is down

ravinash2218d ago

Playing solo tells a story in a way that you just can't do with multi player.

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The story is too old to be commented.