5 Reasons Why Diablo 3 Gamers Should Buy Torchlight II writes: Despite my thoughts that Torchlight II may be committing commercial suicide, there will be a slew of gamers out there wondering if it's worth their while. Chances are you were unsatisfied with Diablo 3 and it's apparent lack of end-game, salivating for the chance to jump into a game with some sweet loot. Here's 5 reasons why every Diablo gamer should buy Torchlight II.

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CalvinKlein2223d ago

they are both very similar. Anyone who rags on one while talking up the other is a loony fanboy. I love them both and already have diable 3 and will buy torchlight 2 for sure. I love dungeon crawlers and will not pass a good one.

Also want to see some warriors lair for vita someday !

shadowraiden2222d ago

well tbh torchlight is way more diablo 2 then diablo 3(dont even compare those 2 after what decisions blizzard tried to do with that game)

diablo 3 became pointless as soon as they added the real money auction house it took away the sole reason 99.9% of people continued playing after the the first story playthrough.

Zeixama2222d ago

Torchlight II doesn't need a lame video game like Diablo 3 to be known. Torchlight is very good. Diablo 3 is still thinking itself as king, but it is not and stupid fanboys can't see it.

NeoTribe2222d ago

To many dungeon crawlers releasing. I only have time right now for diablo 3 and borderlands 2 :( heard sacred 2 is commin also. Crazy days.

R_aVe_N2222d ago

Torchlight 2 imo is way better than Diablo 3 which didn't take much considering Diablo 3 was crap after your first play through.