Review: One Piece: Pirate Warriors (PlayStation 3)

One Piece: Pirate Warriors is a celebration of the series’ 15th anniversary. As such, it follows the early days of Monkey D. Luffy’s quest in becoming the Pirate King, running from the ‘East Blue Saga’ until the ‘New World Saga’.

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dc12316d ago

The review is very lacking in that the writers noted problems that are, ironically, some of the most anticipated aspects of the game; such as:
1- In game dialog between the characters of One Piece (I can't wait to read every letter presented on screen)

2 - Japanese Voice overs with English sub-titles (If this was not present in the game I wouldn't purchases it. .. its the way I watch the Anime.)

3 - And lastly the writer knocks the game for the multiple quick time events. (Well, considering all of the special moves each of the characters have.. I cant think of a better way to trigger them outside of a quick time.)

Based on the negative points I can't understand why the writer game the game a review score of less than 50%.
Keep in mind that the job of a reviewer is to articulate justification for the score attributed to the game.

I will end with this; there are no dissolution around what this game brings to the table. It is the first One Piece title to grace the PS3. And that's a good thing....even if the game is a re-skinned Dynasty Warriors.

Baka-akaB2315d ago

No surprise there . Most Musou reviews in the west arent even done properly . And the problem isnt that they are negative , its rather that they are often short , full of innacuracies from people that may not even have played the game for more than a few mins or hours .

Some even , like the latest gundam musou review on ign , are just rants that dont even deal with the game at hand .

tayz2315d ago

agreed! i give the review a 2/5

TongkatAli2315d ago

I bet if this was military shooter the least it would get would be a 3.

Moncole2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

One PIece is the only good anime, wish they can make a better game. I rather have a OP RPG.

Hicken2315d ago

Your anime knowledge is lacking if you think One Piece is all that's good.

On topic, I'm getting annoyed by reviews of games like this. You'd think by now that people would review them based on the game's target audience. A game based on an anime is targeted at fans of the anime; it should be judged accordingly in a review. But so many reviewers fail at that, it's rather depressing.

sypher2315d ago

Have it on pre-order so will see for myself!