Dead Or Alive 5 Requires Online Pass

TGH Writes: "Dead Or Alive 5 is set to release and fans all around the globe are eager to get their hands on it. Now comes word that it will follow in recent footsteps of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and require an online pass. "

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Tastynoodle2316d ago

When PC gamers complain about DRM we usually manage a good response from the publishers. Meanwhile, you're all getting hit by these passes of the same vein while they ignore your hate.

I feel bad for you guys. I really do :(

rainslacker2316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

The PC market though isn't really subject to second hand game sales though. There are some of course, but nothing compared to consoles.

Online passes are a direct response to that, whereas DRM is a response to piracy. For piracy DRM doesn't stop it at all, and in some cases are reason used for piracy. This is why publishers have cut back on their DRM practices, because it just became wasteful spending with no results.

However, yeah it does kind of suck. I buy games used sometimes, but I'm not a huge fan of online play. Usually if I see an online pass though I'll ignore the used game, which means I won't play it at all, which means I may miss out on a game which I might enjoy a sequel to or the developers next game.

That being said this news doesn't come as any surprise. Can't really think of any game in recent history with an online component that didn't have one.

DivineAssault 2316d ago

Im buying the game new so i dont pay jack for the pass

Darrius Cole2316d ago

I was going to buy it new, now I may wait and buy it used.

Hicken2316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

Damn. DOA is the franchise that made me decide to give the whole genre a chance(prior to that, I really only played Rival Schools). I was really looking forward to playing this game, but I'm not a fan of online passes, even if it's a game I, personally, was planning on buying new.

Edit: Lots of things don't affect me personally; that doesn't mean I should ignore them. I could, at any time, fall on harder times and only be able to buy this game used somewhere down the line. At that point, the online pass would affect me. Besides, regardless of whether I'm buying new or used, I believe developers and publishers have no right to profits from secondhand sales, as they no longer own the product in question. They own the IP the way Ford owns the design patent of a car, but their right to compensation is ended once the original sale is made.

ShadyDevil2316d ago

If your planning to buy it shouldnt affect you..

Servbot412316d ago

Even if you buy it new it affects you. There will be less players online to play against and it's worth less if you sell it, which could affect how much money you have to put towards another new game.

ShadyDevil2316d ago

but if you enjoy wont sell it.

DFresh2316d ago

I don't play fighting games online.
Only play story and 2 player fighter mode with another friend in the same room/screen.

Rai2316d ago

This shouldn't effect anyone that buys it new..I don't see whats the big deal with online passes. its doing its job, its to make sure the developers make some money off their products.

hazelamy2316d ago

i just love when people trot out this tired old excuse.

the fact is, and it is a fact, that they made their money on every copy, all the money they're entitled to.

for each copy sold there's only one presence online, which i remind you they got paid for, one person stops playing, another person takes their place.

they might even get a second chance to sell some dlc that they wouldn't have otherwise.

this just shows they would rather the game sat on somebody's shelf gathering dust than it being given to another player to play.

this is the only industry where the creators think they own what we buy.

this is not a service industry where we need the services they provide, this is a luxury item where they should be grateful for our custom.
they need us a whole hell of a lot more than we need them.

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