We traverse the ice and snow in PS3's Lost Planet

Anyone who missed Capcom's Lost Planet for Xbox 360 when it first came out sidestepped one of the system's most underrated pleasures. While the game may seem slow-of-foot at first glance (compared to high-flying third-person action games like Devil May Cry or Ninja Gaiden), savvy gamers found a more measured Mega Man-style method to the madness. After all, trudging through snow and ice-covered landscapes was never the fastest business, and once the initial learning curve was over, most gamers found that Lost Planet owed much to long-ignored Capcom stablemate, Bionic Commando. The grappling hook mechanic was not only an innovative device to move around 3D space, but also lent itself to some clever level design in both the single-player modes and the feverishly entertaining online play.

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meepmoopmeep4325d ago

this game looks interesting from the trailer i've watched. i hope they will release a demo of this soon as i'd like to give it a spin. from what this stated that it's similar to "Mega Man" & "Bionic Commando" that already has me more interested in this title

BLuKhaos4325d ago

The multi-player demo has been released in the Japanese PSN store,so far the game looks and plays ok but I going to have to go with the X360 version as my choice.

TheHater4325d ago

This game is not very good. If you have a Japanese PSN account, then you can download it today. If you have xbox live, then you can download from there also. This game is not very good.

meepmoopmeep4325d ago

i always give a game that intersts me the benefit of the doubt and give it a try to see it i like it or not, since my opinion is what decides if a game is good or not. but thanks for the input

sonarus4325d ago

hate it when ppl complain about the ps3 controller. saying analog is too lose so not as precise. Wish there was a cross platform game that could be played online across platforms like to see a 360 owner best me on my ps3 controller. At the end it all boils dwn to getting used to the controller and considering i play more ps3 than 360 i am far more used to ps3 controller. But from time to time i play 360 when friends come over for madden. thats the only game i play on my 360 now. but 2 be fair only playing unreal and warhawk on ps3 so...

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niall774325d ago

at least it looks on par with the 360 version now

OC Shock Value4325d ago

Yea i beat this game on 360.. if your a PS3 owner that never got your hands on this one.. its worth a play thru.. especially with the Zelda calibur boss battles..

its personally my kinda game.. gives you that go thru hell, fight boss at the end of stage.. Old school feeling.. back when games were at tip top condition

Grodd4325d ago

So the PS3 version has new content? This is the first I've heard of that! Also the article was incorrect this game DOES support the DualShock.
The article says
"Luka has missions of her own, much like Ada Wong's excursions in Resident Evil 4."

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The story is too old to be commented.