Retro/Grade's Matt Gilgenbach | Taking Rhythm to the Next Level

“I think one of the problems with Guitar Hero and Rock Band is they really didn’t take it to the next level. They really didn’t say, “Okay, we’ve got gameplay you like, now we’re gonna do something new and fresh and cool, and build off that.” I feel like it’s just song, song, song, song, song, and not like, “Here’s something cool or a new direction we could take it in.” So that’s one of the things with Retro/Grade, we wanted to create something new, we wanted to take the rhythm genre in a new direction.”

Matt Gilgenbach is the co-founder of 24 Caret Games and gameplay director for Retro/Grade. The reverse space shooting rhythm game took us by surprise, and we managed to get a hold of Matt who was nice enough to have an in-depth discussion involving the development of the game and his love for Panzer Dragoon!

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amaguli2218d ago

Nice to see that Sony was willing to take a chance on a unique game. Also, Panzer Dragoon is awesome.

manlypile2218d ago

Interviews sound so much more professional when conducted by the British. Good Job!