Valve's first hardware beta starting by next year

May Valve be up to something which makes "..Steam games more fun to play in your living room."..?

"Valve Software's hardware division is still in its infancy. Despite having existed for over a year, recruitment is still its primary concern -- "prototyping is almost secondary," longtime inventor/hacker/now Valve employee Jeri Ellsworth told Engadget in an interview this week. As the team ramps up, production becomes more and more prolific, of course; Ellsworth lights up when she talks about the work her team is doing now. She gets verbose when asked about corporate culture at Valve, about how she's never worked at a company where risk and failure are so acceptable -- even encouraged. She's visibly excited about the prototypes she's creating at Valve's new prototyping facility, but manages to contain herself enough to not let slip exactly what her and her team are working on."

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2273d ago

Nice! Also this means Half Life 3 just got pushed back 5 years from it's pushed back date.

ab5olut10n2273d ago

This is indeed very awesome.