Is Microsoft Working on "Wearable" Xbox Controllers?

Well, a patent application filed by Microsoft back in July outlines "a 'Wearable Electromyography-Based Controller,' … for measuring muscle activity, to interact with and control computing devices … [including] game consoles, televisions or other multimedia devices." As the attached illustrations clarify, "wearable" could refer to everything from a pair of gloves to a shirt and pants to a simple arm-band or pair of glasses.

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Shadonic2224d ago

implement this with kinect 2 and the AR glasses then well have some high tech tony stark #$%^ in homes around america. I hope they do something like this but in a package with the kinect. Imagine playing say borderlands with all 3 of these devices and when you open up the menu it brings up a virtual menu like the one in the game that you can interact with as if your touching it and it even give syou a sort of pulse when touching or shooting thanks to the combonation of these devices. It would take care of most of the problemes with say kinect movement and shooting and simplify it even farther for those who can figure out how to copy a gesture exactly as its done on screen.

Shadonic2224d ago (Edited 2224d ago )

That would be funny if kinect actully didnt work and didnt deliver on at least 60% of what it promised. We got something close to what were promised ( so far theres still some titles to come) but not what we saw in the promotional video though almost 90% of that stuff has already been done With a kinect just not by some big billion dollar company so all in all its done everything you or anyone else has said but everyone thats saying negative things about it instead of searching for these supposed kinect saving hacks just hate on it and troll.

Septic2224d ago

I've always said that motion controls would lay the foundation for true next gen interaction with our games. Whether it be a glove or a controller/glove/kinect hybrid, it is time the tech moved forward.

Thatguy-3102224d ago

You know how much it will cost to have gadgets like that implementes into games? You get for what you pay for. We're pretty far away from from what many want in AR and holograms. Yea they can be done but they don't perform as fluid as we would like and bring on the gimmick out. I'm really interested on what Microsoft is working on and you bet ill keep my eyes on them once announcing their new console. I'll remain skeptical though let's not forget how they market Kinect and look how the piece of technology turned out when you actually buy it.

DeadlyFire2224d ago

I am looking at this as the only way Kinect can detect full range of motion detection. Which means it will have to have wearable device that links to Kinect 2 somehow to track full body motions.

One major use of this could be 2+ player Kinect modes as Kinect likely can't measure more than one person at a time accurately.

Shadonic2223d ago

i was thinking along the lines of say adding a sort of controller feel without the controller for instence when you do say a gesture your muscles expand and contract these gestures can be brought even farther by say haveing the device record these muscule contractions and implementing them into overall control scheme for say a FPS. I could do the sort of shooting gesture done by children the kinect 2 which can detect fingers better then the kinect can read that gesture as shooting and also do a camera control like of haunt but instead of a flashlight its a reticle and then the wearable controller can take the players muscle contraction from that gesture and use it as the sort of input for shooting the trigger.

ThePsychoGamer2224d ago

Looks like it could be interesting, but I'll remain skeptical.

Sheikh Yerbouti2224d ago

Kinect really hasn't delivered, but it is a work in progress. Hopefully Microsoft will include its next iteration with its next console. But I take a wait and see approach with any of these companies anymore.

claud32224d ago (Edited 2224d ago )

Agreed, this is about two or more years old. And its nothing new

As Nintendo were the first with the power glove

Belking2223d ago

This thing is totally different from the power glove. Not even close to the same thing.

Gamer-Z2224d ago (Edited 2224d ago )

Power Glove?

Captain Qwark 92223d ago

surprised it took so long to be said lol, been there done that, 20 years ago. it was lame then, it will be just as lame now lol.

this may shock a lot of people but i actually think nintendo nailed the future if games imo. the tablet controller is the true next step in gaming, it can clearly be more than just a gimmick and really add to the game without taking away the more traditional controls we have all come to know and love. that said aside from tv, it looks like they still wont have a great network like psn/xbl and therefore will still be behind in that aspect.

it will never happen but imagine if all three came together! nintendo's controller & exclusives, sony's exclusives and a psn plus like sub, xbl could be the main network and UI. that would be a hell of a console

MySwordIsHeavenly2224d ago

Let's hope they do it well. ^_^

I'd personally love to see AR stuff like Agent Naaaahhhhhman Jayden had in Heavy Rain with his glasses. (Like Google Glasses, but slightly more tangible...)

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