Capcom releases its Street Fighter 25th Anniversary collector's set

Video game publisher Capcom has released its limited edition Street Fighter 25th Anniversary collector's set in North America. The set can be purchased on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 for $149.99.

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crimsonfox2220d ago

Running this into the ground. Ridiculous.

FACTUAL evidence2220d ago

Capcom reminds me of the rich people who act poor on street corners. NO CAPCOM!

josephayal2220d ago

$150? OMG, I have no sympathy for Capcom

Ares84HU2220d ago

That's way too much money for something like this. What are they thinking???

Carl_Shocker2220d ago

They don't give a crap about the Europe fanbase....again EU gets screwed

wishingW3L2220d ago

I'm still waiting for an announcement of a special collection for the 25th anniversary of MegaMan. =(

AbyssGravelord2220d ago

Unfortunately, It's not gonna happen.

ceedubya92220d ago

It is a bit on the expensive side, but if you don't have any of the items in this set already, it really isn't too bad of a deal especially on PS3. Two movies, a documentary, a (subpar) series that's good to watch for its outstanding awfulness, 2 major games with all included DLC, downloads of Third strike Online and Turbo HD, plus the exclusive downloads of the the PS Alpha games, Alpha 3 Max for PSP, and a bunch of avatar items. Of course, there is also all those soundtrack discs, the artbook, the statue, and the belt. It is a pretty extensive set, and it won't appeal to people that have purchased most of this stuff already. But I don't think the price is that bad considering what you get.

Baka-akaB2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

I dont see how it's a good deal and of any good value to have a 149 dollars street fighter collection with most street fighter game missing and a lot of available titles not even on discs , and the least loved Street fighter crossover out there .

Sorry i love the franchise , and dont scream out for Capcom's blood or cry out to boycott their titles , but this here is a rip off .

before giving out expensive junk, start by at least having the games available .

But to each their own i guess

ceedubya92220d ago

I understand that the collection isn’t as complete as most people may have wanted, but based on what is in the package itself, I still feel like the price isn’t all that bad. Is it more money than someone would want to pay for a package that includes a bunch of items that someone may feel as though they don’t want or already own? Of course it is. But buying all of the items separately, regardless of perceived value to each individual consumer would still probably equal up to or surpass the price of the all-in-one package. The soundtrack discs alone would probably be well over half of the price of this package if you purchased them individually. I think the price is rather fair for what IS in the package, despite how I may feel about some of its content. Now if you feel that there is some content that should be included or left out, then I think that is an entirely different argument.

But for someone who wants ALL or at least most of the items in this current package, then the price, while steep, seems fair in my opinion. I’m sure many won’t agree with me, though, and that is fine.

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