Nintendo’s Risky Moves Show Confidence, Not Desperation

GenGAME writes: To say that Nintendo has declined in financial stability over the past few years would be a bit of an understatement. The Wii has seen its sales plummet in recent years, and Nintendo’s market capitalization has dropped from an estimated $85 billion to somewhere in the neighborhood of $16 billion in the span of five years. Now Nintendo is coming off its first ever annual loss, so it’s no surprise that analysts are hitting the company hard with questions and doubts.

I don’t think anybody would be surprised if Nintendo were to push the metaphorical “panic button” at this point, and many people believe that’s exactly what they’ve done. Nintendo has taken some significant risks over the course of the past few years, and that trend is likely to continue into the foreseeable future. Is the once-proud company in a state of desperation? Or does Nintendo Global President Satoru Iwata have things under control?

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Hatsune-Miku2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

If they are so confident they should release it next summer when they have more software. They are lacking in the exclusive software end.

Erimgard2317d ago

There's no need for that. The system is selling more units than they are willing to release already. When they have that larger software library that you're talking about, that's when they'll start making the system widely available. For now, the small amounts they release are selling out, and that's how they like it.

victoryscreeeeeech2317d ago

It will come over time, do u just want everything at once and then nothing but prolly shitty shovelware for like a year or 2. Wat if all those nice ps3 exclusives came out within 3 months, first u prolly might not be able to afford it, plus will there be anything else to look forward to after that? Its not good marketing

PopRocks3592317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

They have a perfectly good console manufactured. Why wait to release it? Wouldn't it display more confidence to release it now?

mynd2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

"perfectly good console manufactured" -maybe if it launched 2 years ago.

Erimgard2317d ago

If it had launched 2 years ago, it would probably be $450-$500, and it would pretty much be dead on arrival.

mynd2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

As opposed to dead this time next year you saying? At least it would have 2-3 years of current gen games to piggy back on.
What happens when developers move on to the next gen..this thing is dead in the water.
And dont try and tell me this is going to cut it with what Sony and MS has planned.
3rd pary wont have much incentive to develop for it.

PopRocks3592317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )


Honestly, I don't think it won't. The leap in this generation probably will not be that big. At worst it will be like comparing a PS2 to an Xbox 1. Costs of development are high enough and this economy can't take another massive leap.

Besides, the Wii U is confirmed to be stronger than current generation consoles. It has 2GB of RAM, four times the amount of what it's in the 360 and PS3. The GPU and CPU are also stronger. When we hear what models they are, we'll know by just how much.

@EDIT: Okay so double for now. They'll probably patch the hardware so that it can put more of the RAM toward gaming like the consoles this generation. Until then, it will still be capable of some crazy multitasking.

GPGPU and POWER7 based CPU are "marginally" better than what's out now? You're joking right? Do you know anything about specs? Or are you just comparing the Wii U to your current PC like half of the N4G members who insist on calling the Wii U "current gen?"

The Wii U's controller is not a tablet. By that logic so is the bottom screen of the DS/3DS. However, the console can project the imagery to the TV and the controller at the same time without dropping the frame rate (without the use of a second controller screen). That alone should have shown people that this thing is not "marginally" more powerful. No way that the 360 and PS3 can do that as they are. In fact the only way the PS3 can do it is by utilizing a Vita which is its own platform.

Let me address your last statement. Epic confirmed that Unreal Engine 4 to be compatible for Wii U. Scalable, yes. But compatible.


mynd2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

It has 1gb of ram for games, a marignally better GPU and CPU thats marginal if not weaker than current gen.
Its a medicore upgrade to the current gen, and understandable because all the money went it to the tablet.

Three words for ya..
Unreal Engine 4

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doogiebear2317d ago

Lol no. Just like their e3 conference, this one was oozing with desperation.

victoryscreeeeeech2317d ago

Would you explain why? Because I thought it was good. Why was it desperate?

doogiebear2317d ago

Man i can't remember everything, but i remember some parts. Like the part when Iwata shows off the e-mail type function of the wii-u at e3 pre conference video. He bareley showed any games, and instead shows us that we can send a mother a mother's day card using the wii u's touch screen. Man it was so lame. I dont hate the wii u, or Nintendo, however they reallu do seem underprepared for launch. Just my opinion (which i'm not the only person to say these things)

DivineAssault 2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

i didnt see any difference between E3 & now.. Bayonetta 2 being made & not completed is all i heard.. Maybe i missed something.. Tvii requiring ur tivo or dvr boxes doesnt help me any.. Saving my would be wii u money for real nx gen.. I was almost going to buy it & waited til that announcement til i said Eff the wii u for now

WiiUalpha2316d ago

From 15 days ago before conference
"DivineAssault + 15d ago but its not so i do.. No worries tho as i dont intend to follow nintendo news anymore.. Thank the big N for making me lose interest in their future products.."

"DivineAssault + 17d ago its funny how ppl are willing to pay just a bit under top dollar for the same thing with a gimmick that wont give in return.. There will be little to no intuitive support from 3rd party on wii u.. Nintendo is making all these useless partnerships that ppl are eating up & dont realize the industry is moving on from these old technologies.. SEVEN year old graphics?! a SINGLE touch panel thats not HD? Damn, i understand if you like 1st party games but throwing your blind love in hopes of something being different than the last 15-20yrs is ridiculous.."

"DivineAssault + 17d ago ya, wii u is making new IPs.. for lil kids.. Iwata thinks all westerners are lil sissies n u all are making him right.. families sitting in front of one tv playing video games together? come on! what world are u ppl living in? "

From your own post history you make it obvious you were never going to support them.

You've been pretending to be a suporter since the conference in some lame attempt to stealth troll...

The only thing you do is defend the Vita nonstop telling people to wait til next year for games. Funny how you cant have the same feelings when its a console that doesnt carry the Sony name.

nintendojunkie282316d ago

------------------BREAKING NEWS-------------------

DivineAssault just got owned by WiiUalpha

DivineAssault 2316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

Defend vita?? LMAO! it doesnt need defending.. The conferences speak for themselves.. Wait til nx yr?? theres PLENTY this yr! wow ur ridiculous bro.. Funny tho cuz u brought a smile to my face... I hope your compassion stays this strong when no 3rd party puts out anything for u on it.. Tell me, why does the US only get a bundle w Nintendo Land? Europe get one with Zombie U & Japan gets one with Monster Hunter lol.. They do think the US market is all children & by catering to that market 1st makes me pissed.. Maybe u dont care about throwing cash to them in hopes of things changing but i do.. So i will sit it out along with millions of others.. Lets see how well wii u goes after the holidays.. If it continues to sell out like crazy & gets more software announcements, ill reconsider my actions.. Til then enjoy your lil Mario bros & Pikmin AGAIN.. Ill stick with new 3rd & 1st party titles released for PS from now til maybe march.. I dont go by hopes n dreams n faith w nintendo anymore.. FACTS are it doesnt have much of anything new or incoming.. FACTS are it has less features than even the vita & FACTS are PS has 20x more & btr software coming..

CalvinKlein2317d ago

more like your comment oozing with desperation

mynd2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

Ill say what I said elsewhere about the Wii U

This system is attractive in the same way as a 40 year old mother is attractive compared to her 50 year old friend.
I'll wait for the hot young ones.

They turn legal next year.

victoryscreeeeeech2317d ago ShowReplies(1)
TongkatAli2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

Confidence is a beautiful thing, over confidence is the bad thing.

Erimgard2317d ago

And which do you believe Nintendo is displaying?

ThePsychoGamer2317d ago

Yes, trying to capitalize on a popular trend (Tablets) is very risky /s.

omarzy2317d ago

Yes, it is. It is Risky when you are competing against 5000000 other tablet brands. Entering an established trend is ALWAYS risky.

ThePsychoGamer2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

Maybe but it's not like they are taking any big risks, let alone any big enough to would point to confidence or desperation.

Is Nintendo going to take a hit for gamers and sell the system at a loss? No, Reggie pretty much confirmed that each WiiU will be sold for a profit, so even if the sales for the WiiU are low, it won't do much, if any, harm to them.

Even if there trying to sell it as a tablet doesn't work, there are other means of advertisement they could use, so if they can't get any leverage because of actual tablets, they could easily change there advertising.

The riskiest thing I've seen them do thus far is reviving a popular franchise. But it hardly constitutes calling Nintendo confident or desperate

I'm not trying to hate on Nintendo, I'm just saying I don't see where they are taking any big risks. Seems like they are playing it safe for the most part.

omarzy2317d ago

Good points. Yes, any risk they are trying to take is not too big. I think i may have misunderstood what you meant by your comment. It is risky and not risky at the same time. Tablets are not risky at all because as you said, it is a popular trend right now. Tablets are also incredibly risky BECAUSE they are so popular as i said with the many alternatives people have. There are no risks with profit as you said.

"Even if there trying to sell it as a tablet doesn't work, there are other means of advertisement they could use, so if they can't get any leverage because of actual tablets, they could easily change there advertising. "

Maybe, but they seem to have based the entire console around the Gamepad. Every notable feature seems to use the Gamepad. They could start focusing on software more than they have without having the gamepad in the shot every 5 seconds.

The biggest risk for Nintendo is advertising the gamepad too much in case it does not match up to the wiimote hype.

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