Intel: Processors To Perform 300% Better By 2010.

By 2010, processor performance will increase 300 percent per watt as users demand eight times more grunt for encoding.

Speaking at the Intel Developer Forum Wednesday, Intel president and CEO Paul Otellini announced the development of 15 products built on its 45nm silicon manufacturing technology and showcased the experimental 300mm chip.

Otellini said the company, which began manufacturing 65nm silicon technology in 2005, will probably ship 45 nanometer-based processors, flash, and chips in the second half of 2007, while industry-first quad core processors will be distributed in November this year.

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Captain Tuttle5913d ago

For Microsoft's next console.

Sphinx5913d ago

...exactly! Sweetness...

Phil Harrison5913d ago

Haven't you ever heard of Moore's Law anyway?

BIadestarX5913d ago

yes we have, "The most popular formulation is of the doubling of the number of transistors on integrated circuits (a rough measure of computer processing power) every 18 months.". have you heard of the bubble law for Sony fanboys that would vote lame to any article that's indicates that the CELL it's not the only processor out there that kick a$$? TIP: The less bubbles you have the bigger the fanboy you are.

power of Green 5913d ago

I was thinking the same thing./ Thank you "PS3 Fan"

THAMMER15913d ago

Blade star your one of my favoite comedians on this site bro.

Boink5913d ago

so basically both consoles will be pretty much outdated by 2010.

bring on the 720 vs ps4...wohoo!

although another round that early would put a crimp in sony's plans, as that is about the time the ps3 will start making money.

Sphinx5913d ago

...but remember, Sony said they plan on upgrading the PS3 throughout its lifespan... even so much as to udgrade the insides (processor, graphics chip, etc)! In other words, if one were to buy a PS3 at launch, they may have an inferior PS3 compared to those who wait a year or two.

kmis875913d ago

PC games always outpace console games, I mean it won't be long before we see gaming computers more powerful than the ps3 or 360, and remember how quickly the last generation's graphics were overtaken by pcs. This happens every console cycle.

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