WWE '12 / WWE '13 Graphics Comparison

You might not think a whole lot is different from last year regarding WWE ’13‘s graphics engine. However, if you take a good look at these comparison shots, matched up in time with one another and taken from The Rock’s entrance, you can see THQ and WWE Games have made some pretty big improvements to the modeling, lighting, and skin rendering.

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Relientk772318d ago

looks better

if you look at the last couple screens, it looks like The Rock lost his six-pack lol

MetalArcade2318d ago

Yeah, I think they made him too ripped in '12. They probably just used the default CAW body and added his tats, haha

DarkBlood2318d ago

isnt he already ripped though? lol i mean did you see him in fast & furious 5

MetalArcade2318d ago

@DarkBlood yeah, he's definitely ripped as hell, but his abs in last year's game- they never looked like that in real life. In this year's he's still got abs, they just look more like what they look like in real life.

Christo2318d ago

Wow, the facial model in '13 is so much better. Can't believe how bad the '12 facial model is.

Kran2318d ago

Soo.... they've shed their skin? :P

Afterlife2318d ago

Bullshots. Yes they are.

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