Famitsu review scores (9/18/12) - First Dead or Alive 5 score

Famitsu hands out another near-perfect score this week and reviews Dead or Alive 5.

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DivineAssault 2310d ago

9z are good enough for me.. American reviewers will prolly bash DOA tho.. Just like JRPGs

Andreas-Sword2310d ago

Dead or Alive 5 (PS3/360) – 9/9/9/9

very good scores for DoA5!
Day 1!

YoungPlex2310d ago

Seems like Tekken Tag 2 is the safer bet based on their latest reviews...

Dead or Alive 5 (PS3/360)–9/9/9/9
Tekken Tag 2 (PS3/360)–10/10/9/10

I personally like both and will eventually own both, but Tekken Tag 2 will be the first one to get! Either-way you can't go wrong with either one, so pick your poison accordingly...

DivineAssault 2310d ago

DOA 5 being M rated is too graphic for "U" which is why ur hating on it.. Cuz kidtendo isnt geting it.. PS3 will have both.. "U" can play mushroom battles

YoungPlex2310d ago

Wow dude, who said anything about Nintendo or Wii U? Trolling much? lmao!