PS3 gamers change minds - now want MGS 4 as much as LittleBigPlanet

The Three Speech poll takes another twist, with another batch of voters moving Metal Gear Solid 4 into joint top spot to go along with the hugely anticipated LittleBigPlanet.

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mighty_douche5003d ago

LBP is going to be a gaming phenomenon.

We (PS3 owners) are really in for a truely outstanding year. We may have had to of been patient over the last year but Sony seems to be coming good (as they always have).

mighty_douche5003d ago (Edited 5003d ago )


Heres a link to the poll where you can add your vote or simply view the results as they stand now...

Cryxen5003d ago

LBP is a side-scroller with customisation, MGS4 is MGS4.

how does LBP come close to the cinemetic genuis of METAL GEAR?!?!

mighty_douche5003d ago (Edited 5003d ago )

did i say it did? no....

They're completely different genres, no body is comparing the to. READ!!!

Kleptic5003d ago (Edited 5003d ago )

LBP is more important as a technical showcase of what the PS3 and PSN can do...that is what is making it so significant, and where most of the hype is coming from...

personally...LBP the actual game doesn't interest me as much as say...Killzone 2 having all the UGC options or something of that nature...but if LBP is what it takes to show developers whats be it...

UT3 is accomplishing a similar situation on smaller although the up take of the game has been rather slow...feature wise, it is quickly slamming the door in the face of competition...the other side claims to not want or need features like this, which is easy to say when your system of choice gives absolutely zero options in this area...but as far as growth is concerned...the PSN is in a position to wreck every other online service to ever exist...

but yeah agreed douche...Sony is starting a whirl-wind of games and content that is currently unmatched...not only are there tons of it, but there is more variety being offered than any other system...Its going back to how it was with the PS2...where there was little in terms of system fanboys...and only game/genre which there was zero reason to not own a PS2...and the only thing to argue about was which games were better than others...

The PS3 is finally starting to rotate the blade though...They have always had a firm grip on the RPG and action front for the most part...but never close to the western FPS all of a sudden the two biggest and craziest looking shooters of all time are coming to only the PS3 in less than a year...and that is just icing over the grenade that was there all along...FFXIII and MGS4...LBP and all its UGC stuff...a GT game ruining every other racing sim around for 10 years and running...the PSN gaining a feature set to not only put it well beyond XBL, but also absorb stuff that only PC communities currently have...

the funniest part of this year is yet to come...the time when we see what the self proclaimed 'gamers' have to say about the PS3...if you truely are a 'gamer', you already know that there is not one single excuse to avoid the PS3...a fair amount of these 'gamers' used the PS3's relatively weak first 10 months as an argument to the system being trash...and look at whats happening now...something tells me a lot of them will not be around as much...getting egg all over your face is pretty embarrassing...especially when you were the one throwing the egg in the first place...

gonzopia5003d ago

You can't compare LBP to MGS4 - so saying one is more exemplary or epic than the other is nonsense. I'm more excited about LBP, but I'm also eagerly anticipating MGS4. LBP is a modular, open ended game game that brings to mind platforming puzzles like Lemmings and Mario, on a much more creative scale. MGS4 is an action/shooter game, which typically challenges the technical notion of action games.

They'll both be sweet.

sonarus5002d ago

there is no thin line for me i will take mgs4 over LBP any day. I would take mgs4 over any game only game that would be hard for me to decide over would be GT5 but aside from that mgs4 anyday. Even GOW gets pushed back for mgs4. With mgs4 i know what to expect and i expect to be scream wow every half hr. Wheter or not the game meets my expectations will be known in a couple of months. LBP for me is jst one of those games you play and play and play and have fun sorta like a party game but its not always there for you. I have to be in a certain mood to play LBP but for mgs4 no mood required. jst pick up and play even if you dnt feel like it and before you know it ur having a blast. Thats what i expect from mgs4 only reason i say this is all the previous ones made me feel this way at least 4 a full month. My attention span for games dosent usually go beyond a week. Only warhawk has stood the test of time

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SilPho5003d ago

LittleBigPlanet actually has my girlfriend eagerly awaiting the release date.

Here's hoping that elusive Beta is soon

NEO_X5003d ago

This game is going to be great because my fiancee' is looking forward to it which means....................
I GET TO PLAY THIS FOR HOURS AND SHE WILL ACTUALLY BE OK WITH IT YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


as of right now the only games she is like that about are
Burnout Paradise (she likes the crash cam)
Super rub-a-dub she actually holds records
and Guitar Hero (she is about to start her 3rd playthrough and is moving up to hard mode)

but man is this game going to be awesome she flipped out when she saw the trailer she was like "OMG those little guys are soooo cute"
ha ha

TheHater5003d ago

Well I will be getting both, so it doesn't really matter for me. Oh and why isn't White Knight Story on that poll?

mighty_douche5003d ago (Edited 5003d ago )

*edit* Oops read your comment wrong! lol...

ruibing5003d ago

I don't know, I'm really looking forward to that title. Amazon seems to be showing a release date of October for this year which makes sense.

Keowrath5003d ago

I'm still waiting on MGS4 more than any other but it's good to see LBP doing so well. My girlfriend and I eagerly await LBP and I know a couple mates who are getting their PS3 specifically for it.

I'm surprised at the small % for Resistance2 but i think that's down to not everyone knowing about it yet.

As Mighty_Douche says though, PS3 owners have a very exciting year ahead!

THE_JUDGE5003d ago

agree Keo. MGS4 is my game thus far for the entire system. I want this game above all. I think Resistence will climb that list pretty quick after some of the early year big titles hit. I'm not completely sold on LBP but MGS4 has my money 10x over.

Genki5003d ago

but I expect LBP to last much longer. Creativity and new things popping up everywhere will certainly fuel that. MGS4, once you beat it enough times, there won't be anything else to it. MGO maybe, but it seems that the full version is something different.

Keowrath5003d ago

Yeah, LBP has endless possibilities. by the sounds of things the only real limitation is your imagination.

I wonder if you'll be able to create Shadow Moses Island, we've seen wooden tanks, how about a wooden Rex? Wood Gear Solid? Doesn't quite have the same ring huh?

Genki5003d ago

If this game gets big enough, Sony and Media Molecule would be FOOLS to not update it and patch it with downloadable textures and materials.

My only hope is that they wouldn't nickel and dime people ala Motorstorm and Need for Speed. Give an abundance of content in the updates, especially if they were to cost money.

Keowrath5003d ago (Edited 5003d ago )

Strawberry Jam Gear Solid?

EDIT: Although if LBP is popular enough they wouldn't have to charge. Maybe I'm being a little too hopeful but from all the good press LBP has had and with more to come I'm sure, it'd be nice if the game does so incredibly well there would be free updated content

Proxy5003d ago (Edited 5003d ago )

In an early demonstration, someone said you could use pictures from you HDD, so an update had better contain more than just textures. If we cannot use pictures on HDD as textures, then the developers are either stupid, or they have gimped the game intentionally; either way though, my desire for the game would be reduced. To be honest, I don't know what an update could contain, because you can do almost anything as is. Presuming the game works as advertised of course.

If they pull a Burnout on us, and have the add-ons planned before the game is even released, I may have to personally boycott.

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