Why Gundam is Gaming's Secret Time Capsule

Surprisingly few licensed game franchises can claim to be as old as Mobile Suit Gundam, and fewer still can claim to have the legacy that Gundam does.

Gundam, if you didn't know, is almost as old as home gaming itself. Bandai's seminal robot anime first found popularity in the early 1980s, when the Famicom was also finding its feet, and has been a big part of gaming ever since. True, you don't see a lot of Gundam games in the U.S.; but over in Japan, Bandai (and later Namco Bandai) has released one or two Gundam games per year since at least 1986. That's a lot of Gundam.

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Godmars2902224d ago

Its a shame that Namco is so cautious and dismissive with the franchise in the West. Wont offer anything from past the DW clones.

Lord_Sloth2224d ago

I'd love another Side Story.

Qrphe2224d ago

Although I somewhat enjoyed them, I never found 2D fighting games to be fit for Gundam. I enjoy the 3rd person fighting games but I wish they'd evolve a bit more (since they really haven't after Rengou vs Omni first came out).
I wish they'd release a game like the AC series or just a damn simulator.