PlayStation All-Stars: 30 Minutes of Expert Videos

IGN's hunger for new PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale content knows no bounds. We pitch characters for the roster, grab rumors, and have the official PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale wiki. This week we went so far as to nabbing fighting game guru Seth Killian -- a recent "get" for fighting games on PlayStation -- and had him play 13 matches as the game's newest characters. We even had him commentate over the bouts to give you an idea of what character is right for you.

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Omar912223d ago

announce new characters already superbot!

abzdine2223d ago

did sony reveal some extra jap characters for this game ?

RmanX10002223d ago

I honestly hope they include some really unexpected characters. Like maybe from the Persona games? Aigis would fit real well if they implemented her Persona 4 Arena moveset.