Wii U accessory boxes revealed

The complete set of all Wii U accessories have been revealed.

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imXify2310d ago

It at least needs a headset...

PopRocks3592310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

It was announced eons ago that third parties were making Wii U headsets.

EDIT: @Fishy Fingers


Try not to be so smug. It makes you feel pretty silly when you're completely wrong.

Fishy Fingers2310d ago

Yes, I believe it was Moses that confirmed it.

DivineAssault 2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

which games use the chat feature? if i recall correctly, the wii had a COD headset too.. Along with a mic for animal crossing.. Thats a serious question cuz wii didnt really implement communication during multiplayer & 3DS seems to only have 1 game that does it too

DaThreats2310d ago

The controller has a microphone and speaker
You don't need to get one

DarkBlood2310d ago

keep it mind they will want one for the controller pro so yeah they do need one if they want one

Garuda332310d ago

Yes,the new generation of plastic accessories...

LKHGFDSA2310d ago

haha yeah, look at this, how next gen! Wiimotes and 360 controllers. In your face people who say the Wii U is next gen.