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StickSkills said, "Being a longtime Halo fan, I was skeptical of 343′s work since I just wasn’t sure if they could do what I want in a Halo game. But after playing it at PAX Prime, you can put some of your fears to rest. It’s still the same old Halo you’ve come to love from the previous games, but with a different helm. There are similarities, but you’ll definitely feel the difference immediately between the forth game and the rest of the series."

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ShinMaster2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

Ok then.

Balcrist2317d ago

I don't know who agreed to this statement, as it doesn't state an opinion, one can neither agree nor disagree with it...

Welshy2317d ago

I played Halo 3, tried ODST for about an hour and played Reach.

Sure, they're solid enough games, but i don't see what is the big hook the series has, maybe back on the original Xbox when it was innovative and new, but it just doesn't stand out to me at all =/

Time will tell if an unproven studio can best the minds of Bungie, letting that Bungie deal run out was one of MS's biggest mistakes imo.

Should've pulled out all the stops to keep them.

I'll be playing Halo 4 at some point for sure, but i'm not letting the hype train run me over again this gen.

topekomsi2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

This is the only halo i have been really really excited for, ofcoarse i was not a halo fan in the past, IMO weapon pick ups suck. Also load outs and killstreaks will really make the battles epic. Sure some halo fans won't like the game, but i bet they get more fans than they lose.

Allsystemgamer2317d ago

Most of the excitement is the rediculousness that happens during the game. Watch fails of the week and those are generally a matchly occurrence. I've yet to see a game that cOmes remotely close to what happens in a halo match.

One minute your busy avoiding fire from a tank, you blow it up only to get crushed by the tanks turret :/ lol.

It's just funny to play because of the stuff that happens.

HammadTheBeast2317d ago

I'm a PS3 gamer, and even I admit that Halo is awesome. The multiplayer is just amazing.


In all seriousness, Call of Duty may be better for you...

Welshy2317d ago

It is by no means a bad game, outwith ODST i thoroughly enjoyed Halo 3 and Halo Reach.

I know Halo has a HUGE fanbase (myself included in that fanbase), i'm merely pointing out that 343 Studios has a big task on their hands making the series stand out and be relevant again among the likes of CS:GO, BF3, COD:MW3 and COD:BO2 in the near future that everyone has started playing post Halo Reach.

I really hope it does great and is a great game, i just don't want to build it up too much in my head incase the final game doesn't live up to the game i've built in my mind for months.

Like i said, the hype train has knocked many a game down this gen and i don't want to see it happen to Halo 4, just let it go with the flow, and surprise ourselves with what it does and doesn't deliver on launch =)

Muffins12232317d ago

halo 1-3 where amazing...the rest where good and okay :| This one looks amazing

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lategamer2315d ago

People have different taste. Personally, I find Halo's multiplayer to be some of the best on consoles. And I find other games like God of War, Mario, etc. boring. People will agree/disagree, in the end we have different taste.

On letting Bungie go, if Bungie wanted to be independent, I'm glad MS let them go.

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slimpickens2317d ago

If it's anything close to part 1 and maybe 2 then I'm sold. If it's anything like part 3 or Reach then honestly I don't see anything to get hyped about.

ChunkyLover532317d ago

This is shaping up to be a true GOTY contended, bout time Halo gets back in that ring.

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OrKuun2317d ago

Halo's so awesome, the RINGS are in IT

TotalSynthesisX2316d ago

I see what you did there.

Gamer-Z2317d ago

No its not in fact it looks to be the best Halo since Halo Combat Evolved.

AngelicIceDiamond2317d ago

With all the new features and customizations, I can see why this isn't your typical Halo. They're keeping it familiar while inventing new things to the series. Which should make a completely refreshing experience.

Nov 6 an epic day.

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