Monolith Soft. teasing game reveal for Tokyo Game Show

Monolith Software is teasing on their twitter that they have exciting news for TGS on September 20. Will they finally reveal their Wii U project?

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Shok2222d ago

After Xenoblade, I couldn't imagine what this company can do with hardware 20x+ more powerful than the Wii. This is gonna be epic.

blue_cheese2222d ago

is it for sure a Wii U announcement?? and yes, xenoblades was incredible, its kind of a shame it was a Wii title and not a Wii U title because of how amazing the concept and game was. hopefully its another rpg!

Shok2222d ago

Iwata confirmed after the September 13th conference that they were working on a Wii U game, not to mention, Monolith is currently working on Project X-Zone (3DS), so I'd say it's definitely their Wii U Project.

blue_cheese2222d ago

awesome i wouldnt mind an HD version of xenoblades but i'd rather have new game from them.

Instigator2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

I'm definitely excited for this, although JRPGs have had hard time transitioning from SD to HD. Just look at FFXIII and Xenoblade. The PS3 is around 20 times more poweful than the Wii, but Xenoblade runs circles around FFXIII in every aspect apart from the aesthethics.

Like I said I'm excited for this and going by Monolith's track record I have faith in it, but better hardware doesn't always bring better results.

Theyellowflash302222d ago

Shok, I have to get your Wii U tag/username/Reggie "my body is Ready" Code or whatever its called when the Wii U launches. By your posts you've got to be one of the most down to earth coolest guys ever.

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Relientk772222d ago

Xenoblade Chronicles is amazing, I would love to see their next game

PopRocks3592222d ago

This. They did a great job with Xenoblade on the Wii. I'm dying to see what they're working on now.

Slightly off topic, I also wish we could get a reveal on Retro Studios' next game...

Instigator2222d ago

I think that's a different Monolith.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2222d ago

I think it was a joke.
(I've seen many people make it).

-But that would be a cool idea, esp. since Killer Instincts is getting a Rumored restart.

Instigator2221d ago

Duly noted. It can be hard to tell sometimes.

RFornillos42222d ago

If it's for the WiiU then, another plus reason to get one!

FinalomegaS2221d ago

did i actually say Kratos lol.. must of been sleepy


stuntman_mike2221d ago

dont bait Kratos he will rip your head of literally. heh

FinalomegaS2221d ago


lol ya i didnt mean to offend Kratos. : )

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