Top Ten Most Anticipated Wii U Games

SuperPhillip Central writes, "Last Thursday, Wii U fever officially hit and the hype is palpable. Whether it's because it is a new Nintendo console or because the current generation has long outworn its welcome, Wii U pre-orders are selling out across the nation. And that is without the more casual gamer not even being marketed to yet.

Regardless, a lot of information and games were revealed at Thursday's media event for the Wii U. This list encompasses the ten titles I am most excited for with regards to the console's launch window lineup of approximately fifty games promised."

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3GenGames2219d ago

Pokemon Snap 2!...'s just me? Okay. :/

kesvalk2219d ago

you're not alone, friend.


also a new F-zero, i would love a new f-zero.

ninjabake2219d ago (Edited 2219d ago )

You really need to stop homie.

SonyNGP2219d ago

Doesn't surprise me. The PS3 won't be able to handle it.

One2219d ago

a new viewtiful joe or killer 7 would leave me no choice but to buy the wii u *(crosses fingers)* please nintendo!!

3-4-52218d ago

Bullcrap list.

All the most anticipated games haven't been announced yet.