Age of Conan Censorship Workaround Not An Easy Option

From the article: "We have all heard about the censoring of MMO Age of Conan by region. However, according to an email exchange we had with Funcom, GamingShogun has learned that the gamers will not simply be able to use another territory's version of the game to circumvent game censorship.

Erling Ellingsen, Funcom Product Manager's official comment was: 'If you buy a European copy of the game you will not be able to play towards North American servers. If you buy the North American version of the game, you will not be able to play towards European servers. If you buy a European version of the game, you will be able to play on all European servers (UK, Germany, France, Spain).'"

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Yi-Long4325d ago

... it's just ridiculous.
This is already a 18+ game, right? So why censor it?
Every 18 year old can watch all the gory slash-movies they want, or buy/download all the nipples they wanna see.

It's just absolutely ridiculous that media aimed at adults is being censored.

Yet, 17 year olds can enlist in the army to be taught and ordered to kill poor people on the other side of the world for the sake of money, oil and power... :(

And dont forget all the kids who ARE allowed to read, or are being read, one of the most violent books in the world, which has already caused many millions of deaths and wounded since it was written, and has made people hate others: The Bible.

I'm against censorship in all forms. But nowadays there's such a huge hypocrisy going on about videogames, that it's sickening.

Legion4325d ago

I thought you were going to say the Koran.

Yi-Long4325d ago

... same thing tbh.
All these books have both wise lessons in them, as well as horrible messages and stories. It's all how you interpret them.

My point was mainly that we KNOW these books have CAUSED people to start hating other people, to CAUSE violence and wars, to CAUSE deaths, etc etc. That's a FACT.
So we know a book like The Bible (or the Koran, or the Torah), CAN make people think and do bad stuff about and to others.

Do I want to forbid these books? Ofcourse not. Never. For every 1 nutcase, there are 99 who find that book helpfull and meaningfull.

I just feel many people (parents) are being hypocrits by blaming videogames for all the problems in the world, while they should just look at their own parenting.

Legion4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

I don't think that the books themselves have caused people to do the evil things they do. Kind of like blaming the gun for the people who use it to kill people.

When ultimately it all depends on who's hands the device is in. Society itself is as much to blame on any of this. we allow things to happen. But for there to be true freedom there is also true pains of others that abuse those freedoms.

We need to identify those that use the devices be it a book or a weapon and act against them to stop them from contributing to this hate.

But the world turns on it's own and we are all doing different things. That's why they call it life?