PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Beta Codes Going Out

Sony is starting to send out beta codes for the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal public beta in Europe.

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-Mika-2221d ago

Is this real? They could have atleast posted a pic of the email for the beta.

I just checked my email and I don't have one :(.

core_52221d ago

not everyone got an invitation, this is especially for europe and only online for cross play testing.

NBT912221d ago

When you get an E-mail it tells you to go to the PSN beta site and log in, once you do that it tells you your code and which platform you will be playing on (Vita or PS3). Two teams of testers, as it were.

I know this because I received one, although I gave my code away but that was what the invite said.

smashcrashbash2221d ago

Actually you have to sign up for a chance and they will send you a code to enter the beta if they choose you.I tried and got nothing. PASBR beta is hard to get into. I have tried just about everything even begging to get in and STILL nothing.

cellmember2221d ago

actually it doesn't tell you which platform you will play on is simple says go onto the store for either platform.

guitarded772221d ago

I've played the beta on the PS3, but I'm more excited to play on my Vita.

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VitaOwner2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

I know the beta is supposed to be only for Europe, but can you join the beta if you have a valid code and live in the Western Hemisphere?

Capt-FuzzyPants2221d ago

If you make a european account I think it would work.

Godchild10202221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

If you happen to go to a Gamestop (that is if you live in the US), they have a demo inside of the Playstation 3 kiosk. There are 4 characters (Kratos, Pappa the Rappa, Jak & Daxter and Big Daddy). There are only 2 stages.

I played for about an hour and got a tournament running after I picked up my copy of Borderlands.

VitaOwner2221d ago

Awesome! Yep I live in Chicago and I will definitely try that out. I signed up for the eu beta the first day it was accepting signups and I'm sure I didn't get it because my account is a NA account. Hopefully the NA beta will begin soon.

MaximusPrime2221d ago

Got an email;) installed on ps vita. Yet to join the game... No ones online yet

Shikoro2221d ago

I got one too. What can I say? I played only a few games since it was hard to find any (I guess that there are only a few number of people who got their code, for now), and it is really, really good. I was rather surprised how fun it is. Looks great, runs at 60fps and I can't get enough of the main menu music. Yep, it rocks. :D

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