Retail Games vs Free-to-Play

Free-to-play MMOs are an emerging business, but where exactly does this leave the good old-fashioned retail market? Free-to-play MMOs are on the rise, but the future of the ad- and microtransaction-supported business model is still viewed as unproven.

There are, however, companies that have built a very viable business around this model. Case in point, Seoul, South Korea-based Nexon, developers of the free-to-play MMO MapleStory, among other titles. n a square-off between Nexon America director of operations Min Kim and traditional publishing vet Kelly Flock, they argued for their respective business models.

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moujahed4322d ago

W.O.W is the best MMORPG I've paid to play because of it's content, and user base. Yet they have some free to play games @ and other places that're just as fun, highly populated, and most of all free... unless you want that extra equipment.