Black Ops 2: 10 Reasons CoD is No Longer the King of Online Multiplayer

WC - In a little less than a month, the new Call of Duty game will be released, and as it always does, it’ll undoubtedly sell ridiculously well, and sit at the tippy-top of countless Christmas lists. I remember working in CEX when the first Black Ops was released and I’d say a good 75% of all of our customers were asking about it: do we have any copies, and why is it still so expensive second hand?

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Grap2315d ago

one of the best written article i have read. So true!

StanLee2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

How? The article is hollow and completely incorrect. Call of Duty is still the most played online multiplayer game on both major platforms with the last 3 titles consistently in the Top 5. The competitors he mentions, have a fraction of the online community Call of Duty has and even splintered across the last 3 major titles, each still far outnumber the "competitors" he mentions. The assumption that Call of Duty isn't as popular as it once was is perception, not fact because the numbers say otherwise. The number of unique users playing the games nightly are larger than it's ever been. Just because you and your friends aren't playing anymore doesn't mean more players are drawn to the franchise each iteration. Mentioning that he and 6, yes 6, other people he knows choose to play other online multiplayer games is beyond laughable and the writer should be embarrassed for even mentioning this! Absolutely stupid article!

DoomeDx2315d ago

@ StanLee. hes not talking about player-count.. hes talking about which multiplayer game is actually the best.

Popularity does not equal quality

rustyspoon802315d ago

I seriously wish I hadn't bought MW3 as that game has been very poor in comparison to previous versions.
I'll be buying Blops 2 mainly for the zombies mode but at least it looks like Treyarch are implementing changes. Then I'll skip the following IW games.
Lets see if any major changes happen for next gen.

2315d ago
Farsendor12315d ago

Franchise Apathy

that is my largest reason for not liking cod,i just played too much of it and wanted different games.

Sainox162315d ago

Have to say this was a good article lol not sure why but I always thought tht rainbow six Vegas was always better than cod

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