Halo 4 pre-order details for UK

Microsoft just issued a list of participating retailers and what Halo 4 pre-order bonuses gamers can snag.

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Balcrist2220d ago

Why can't i just have them all???

Septic2219d ago

Exactly. This is taking the mick. First Battlefield 3 and now this.

Microsoft may pretend that this is giving players more choice but if anything, it's restricting it by 'forcing' us to essentially order from a specific retailer to get the items we want. Now take GAME's deal for example. The 6 multiplayer specialisations are obviously better if you want more than cosmetic customisations but now I have no choice but to pay a higher price because GAME are known to charge completely uncompetitive prices for games.

This is a joke really and this trend has set a bad precedent for the future.

pompombrum2219d ago

Just buy the bonuses on ebay.. probably work out cheaper buying the game elsewhere + ebaying the bonuses than buying from game anyway.


great now I need to know what they look like to decide which one to get...

I hate what dlc has become this gen

pompombrum2219d ago

Lol love it with ShopTo.. an frigging assassins emblem? That's all they get? Guess that shows just how much Microsoft care for them sending stuff early lol. Still one day early > pre order bonuses.