Microsoft acquires Caligari

Caligari has been in the 3D modeling space for a long time and have a variety of products including those for aiding game development.

What is interesting is that:

a) They are joining the Virtual Earth Team
b) The Virtual Earth Team is looking to 'build an immersive 3D Web experience' according to Caligari's CEO.

The overlap and joining into the Virtual Earth groups seems a tad odd but given Caligari's background in modeling, games and 3D social networks, could be interesting and is definitely something to watch.

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Cupid_Viper_34324d ago

that is actually good news for ms, that would be cool if they can get something like HOME on the 360 or their next console. But the thing I'm actually worried about is that, I can remember so many xbox supporters on this website saying things like, "Home is for losers that dont actually have a real social life", and so many other trolling on the topic of HOME, but now let's sit back and see how hypocrite and some of the people on this site really are. And in the midst of all this, i sure that you come to realize why SONY is the INNOVATOR, and the rest just follows.

Iamback4324d ago

If MS copies Sony then i will lose this little respect i have for them. Sony could have easily copied Xbox live but instead they decided to go other original way with HOME.

power of Green 4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

I'v been looking at this from this site long before I'v even heard of HOME, for all I know Sony cought/catches wind of what other companies are doing and just makes it public first despite not leading the ideas. Who knows for sure these things as big as this take time.

We should be paying attention to GDC and E3 and beyond, MSFT PR has already said they'll be showing something that will expand XBL beyond what it is(they said they'll be opening up XBL and will be showing some of that this GDC)

"Virtual Me - Xbox 360 - Simulation - To Be Announced... This has been there sense the 360 launched just about.

In my opinion and what I'v seen; the end of your comment is the other way around, no need for a list of that though. All that Div X crap is one example of catching wind and then announcing it long before its ready, to steal thunder.

4324d ago
power of Green 4324d ago

Its not suprizing all you have to do is consistantly visit 360 threads to read them but you can always ignor them.

Companies always talk or try to flesh out ideas your attack has little to do with my point, taking action with ideas can be different from talking about back burner projects, my point was more to do with many have been brainstorming ideas. Sony actually called MSFT's online console vision foolish at one point. Who knows whats real.

mighty_douche4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )


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mighty_douche4324d ago

Sounds like M$ are after their own version of Home. I guess if you cant do it yourself just buy someone who can.

M$ seem to have more money going out than coming in lately.

Iamback4324d ago

IS that anything new when it comes to MS?

power of Green 4324d ago

It also can be looked at as *if you have the money to do it good, do it really good. MSFT has Money problems?. Hmmm I thought they've been making plenty of cash and spending it too. Strange.

Odion4324d ago

What has Sony done that makes them such an amazing innovator?

phony force slayer4324d ago

sony defence force battle fleet online in 5..4..3..2..1..
is online and operational

predator4324d ago

wow some of you suprise me, there is an article somewhere, im trying to find it, that states MS were looking to do a virtual world for the fist Xbox so no one knows who came up with the idea first for consoles.

and frankly who gives a [email protected], grow up.

power of Green 4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

Hey man thats not fair. No one's fighting these guys I pointed out what you said with the only proof I could dig up and being attacked for it. Who knows and frankly who cares was basically what was being said with the reply to the flame post in the first place.

meepmoopmeep4323d ago

actually, the only ones who care are fanboys of both sides. you can't deny the negativity the xbox side has said about Home and you can't deny that if MS goes through with this then the PS side will retaliate.

to me it's cool that xbox could be getting something like Home

eddierivera4324d ago

The only thing that would piss me off is if microsoft ends up making a better online community in a shorter time. Sony was supposed to get Home up and runnnig how long ago?

General Pinky4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

They just keep you waiting for things..
I say hell no to the waiting and hell yea to the xbox 360

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