Game Franchises that Deserve a Reboot: Killer Instinct

From PSS:

Whether it’s movies or video games, people always look back to their predecessors for ideas on the future. Unfortunately this has given fans plenty of awful remakes and reboots (Perfect Dark Zero, Turok), that totally changes the franchise we knew and loved. While this has become more commonplace, that doesn’t mean the past should be left untouched. There are several games that deserve to be brought back from the abyss and this week we’ll focus on one of the best fighters from the 90s: Killer Instinct.

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NastyLeftHook02317d ago

bring back killer instinct, the real final fantasy, legacy of kain/soul reaver games, half lifes, manhunt games ect.

darklordzor2317d ago

I've got a feeling we'll see something Killer Instinct related before too long. At the very least an HD XBLA upgrade would be just dandy with me too.