Halo 4: Campaign Menu Screen Revealed

Video and screenshots of Halo 4's campaign menu screen, plus some bonus footage of Halo 4's intro sequence.

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robavila952247d ago

Something I don't quite get is the reason why Halo 4 is set 4(?) years after Halo 3. In the legendary ending of H3 the ship was quite close to the planet.

MoreConsole2247d ago

The legendary ending that you see in Halo 3, which shows the Forward Unto Dawn approaching Requiem, appears after the credits as a standalone cut scene. There is no indication of how much time has passed since The Chief entered cryo sleep, which allows for the 4 years that passes between Halo 3 and Halo 4. Hope this helps!

m232246d ago

Can't wait for the embargoes to end and people can share what they saw.