Gametrailers Lost Odyssey Review 8.8

Story 9.6

Design 8.0

Gameplay 8.3

Presentation 9.5

Overall 8.8

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ngg123454327d ago (Edited 4327d ago )

I'm not trying to bias (of course I am going to bash this game) but how the heck does it get a 9.5 in presentation, with terrible framerate, and terrible load times. Oh well. Just like always Gametrailers gives a game a high score, because it is a big game. I still cna't believe they didn't mention once the loading time.

Blankman4327d ago

reviewers tend to get sloppy over criticizing some games while others slide with crazy issues. They will complain about 20min installs but its ok when u load regularly. Mistwalker studios sucks blue dragon sucked and while lost odyssey is definetly a bigger more mature title it still sucks

Kain814327d ago

and he says that there were 6-10sec loadtimes before and after Battles.
So now i Know how people can say that they played the Game in 40h. lol
No seriously i would no buy this game only for that reason, i remebre that i have buy Final Fantasy 6 for PS1 and they had the same probs, after 6 h i never played it again on PS1, i bought the Gameboyadvance-
version last year and the game is realy Awesome.

Brian52474327d ago

This game deserves nothing more than a 7.5.

power of Green 4327d ago

Playing the game and all what did you not like about it?.

Iamback4327d ago


I agree way overrated score. If games was that good than sales in Japan would not be that low as they were. It is an little above average RPG, nothing new there.
GT try to justify their score by remind us for 100th time who is Sakaguchi and Uemuoro Namutsu or what ever, guy that makes music score for LO. We know that they are old FF legends, but that does not mean much.
8.8 is to big score.
No hating just feel that way

mikeslemonade4327d ago

Hmm... and which site has a better reputation and credibility Gametrailers or Gamespy? Gamespy is higher on my list than Gametrailers.

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Odion4327d ago

man this game has been getting a wide array of scores

iMad4327d ago

that was my first jPRG game!

Iamback4327d ago

Than how can you compare it to other JRPGs if it is your first?

coolfool4327d ago

I was going to say the exact same thing. I can't how diverse the opinions are on this game. IGN for example really didn't like the story but these guys obviously love it. The music seems to be of mixed opinion as well.

Usually, on the whole, scores are a little more consistent between reviews.......

wageslave4327d ago

Yes, currently the average is 7.2/10 on metacritic.

I think it's going to boil down to this: JRPG is not a genre well loved in the west. These reviewers, being english speaking (duh) would have (generally) western tastes.

There are some people who just dont go for JRPG.

When discussing Lost Odyssey (or Blue Dragon or Eternal Sonata), I think it is wise to mention Famitsu's scores. They know JRPG better than the English speaking reviewers.

So, what did Famitsu think of Lost Odyssey? They gave it 9/8/8/8 -- pretty damn good IMHO.

And, as this review shows, they're not alone in their opinion. Lost Odyssey is a good game, maybe not "the best evar!!1!" but not a flop, or failure or trash as some on this site will like to suggest.

I've got tens of hours ahead of me in Lost Odyssey -- I'll reserve my "score" until Im finished. For the rest of the people who have an opinion on Lost Odyssey please find somewhere to play it before you decided to slam the game.

kewlkat0074327d ago (Edited 4327d ago )

I not only play Final Fantasies or trash other Jrpgs if it's not Final fantasy like. I like old-school turn-based RPG and I do not have a verdict on Final Fantasy XII action/gambit system as of yet.

While I do enjoy the game, it will not be my favroite. Nothing still have not top FFVI, FFVII, FFX.

If your a true RPG gamer you'll get this game. If you rso-so on it, then just wait for your Final Fantasy.

This game doesn't seem to push the genre uopn the echelon of RPGs as the ones, I've mentioned but "Good" will still prove satisfying this gen where there are so few Jrpg's.I know everyone is waiting for Final Fantasy. In the meantime, I'll be playing this.

Ask any true lover o fRPGs and they will tell you it's the "Story/Gameplay" that makes these games worth it. CGI cutscenes and a great Musical score are Icing on the cake.

Currently finishing "Eternal Sonata".

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iMad4327d ago

Gametrailers works on their reputation now. Not for earnings.
They are my favorite reviewers last six months.

heavyarms4327d ago

Just wow, look at the graphics in this game, amazing, just beautiful. If you are a fan of those style of gaming, its a must buy. After watching that video I'm buying the game.

Kain814327d ago

look at the real in-game, its looked like a PS2-engine in High resolution nothing more.

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