Performance Results Mixed with Vista Service Pack 1

Microsoft's newly released Service Pack 1 may solve some of the performance glitches that have annoyed Windows Vista users and discouraged others from adopting the OS, but it doesn't appear from our initial tests to be a panacea.

In the first tests of the service pack, file copying, one of the main performance-related complaints from Vista users, was significantly faster. But other tests showed little improvement and in two tests, PC world experience was actually a little better without the service pack installed than with it.

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sak5004323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

I dont know if this would help. The already bloated o/s which takes 15+gb of hard drive and now we install the sp on it. OUt of my 2GB ram, almost half of it is taken up after a clean boot. I would suggest they cut down on the o/s size remove most of the annoying overly protective features sine most people are using xp and that does not have these "noob" features.

REbirth4323d ago

i was waiting for see if vista got better...but it ain't so i'm back with XP again! and believe...its much faster for my laptop

SilPho4323d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't XP only become a significantly better OS after SP2? Granted XP was more warmly received than Vista when it came out but still...

TitanUp4323d ago

i have always liked xp all the way back to 2001-2002 bought a few new computers sense then now i have a vista and im not too happy with it and i have no ideal how to put xp over vista.

James646194322d ago

i like vista with sp1 it's good im gonna switch when sp1 come out and do away with xp on my other partition

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