Need for Speed Most Wanted single player trailer

Get an exclusive inside line on the features of the Most Wanted Single Player campaign and see Fairhaven City, the game's connected open world setting, like never before.

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wAnxTa2220d ago

No story mode, no progression, no customization and plays like burnout.. Yup I am totally getting this!

tachy0n2220d ago

LOL all i can see criterion did was made NFS in a burnout style, and copied the powerup system exactly from Need for Speed World.

no visual customization.

thank you criterion for ruining need for speed, im going to play need for speed world instead.

SonyStyled2220d ago

no story mode, progression or customizations? are you sure? i fully preordered and i assumed it is like nfs mw was on ps2. where did u get all that info from? thx

wAnxTa2220d ago

Dude, have you not been watching the trailers? They are like so proud of not giving a story mode and allowing us to drive all the cars since the start. They also said thsi regarding customization, "we'd rather focus on gameplay than little flames on the side of the car".
Focus on gameplay lol.. they are just copy pasting hot pursuit.

pecorre2220d ago

I am a big fan of the Burnout series and Criterion. This game looks very good except for the police chases. I always hated police in my racing games.

aviator1892220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

I like Criterion for what they do with their burnout games. But I truly want NFS games to remain NFS. While this game will end up being good, it certainly doesn't look to handle like a true NFS game. I admit the franchise needed a fresh start, but I wish they had gone back to the roots of the franchise rather than just porting over the funtionality of the burnout series to nfs.

C L O U D2220d ago

Good idea to have all the cars unlocked from the beginning...Supra, RX7, GT-R etc...I will find you

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