Moore Talks 'Wii-60'; Aims for Dual Owners

Speaking to Next-Gen.Biz from X06 today, Peter Moore talked about the 'Xbox Wii-60 movement' and how up to 40% of 360 owners could also be playing Nintendo's Wii.

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Islandkiwi5909d ago

I think it's good that a console company can praise the benefits of another console.

bilal5909d ago

waste of a post...

by the way i think 360 is a good console and should alone justify being bought.
i dont think wii is worth even its cheap price for mature gamers. i mean after a few hours you would just get tired of that controller thing.

360 could and is an alternative to ps3 but 360-wii vs ps3 is just again 360 vs ps3 but costing more...

just my thought...

PS360WII5909d ago (Edited 5909d ago )

I myself am 23 years of age and I found the gamecube most fun out of last gens seeing that I had 50 + games for it. I did have 40 some odd games for xbox but 30 for ps2.

I say this because of the last part of his comments. Will the Wii be okay as a stand alone player. Well seeing with me not even the 360 or the ps3 would be enough. I, like many of my friends need many many different consoles to keep the balance out. I even have the gba, ds, and psp. Like my name stats I'll have the ps3, Wii, and already have the 360. So people need more than one console if they want a full experience.

zonetrooper55909d ago

I think that some of your bubbles should be taken away as all you seem to do it post negative posts against the Wii and the Xbox 360. You also vote lame on the xbox 360 and Wii articles but vote cool on all the PS3 articles. Are you a litte 12 year old boy with nothing better to do than try to get some love and attention on the internet when not many people care. Get off the computer and get some love and attention from your mum and dad unless they really don't love you. Now, stop being a fanboy and shut up.

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The story is too old to be commented.