Five Reasons Why The Sun’s Argument Against Nintendo Wii U Is Invalid

Haider Khan Of SegmentNext writes - "Fellow gamers! It seems we have been enlightened by a set of opinions regarding Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U, which got a price and release window reveal last week."

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nevermore2221d ago

Not sure abt the "mobile gaming not going to take over consoles part"
Casual gamer may just go for mobile gaming looking now at the iphone 5 rather than buying an expensive console for playing videogames

-Mezzo-2221d ago

Of-course it's invalid..... It's 'The Sun' for crying out loud.

HiddenMission2221d ago

Right now it's become very popular to hate on everything in the new game instant hate, cool new console instant hate. I'm tired of these types of gamers...they just need to go and it's up to us who are actually here to promote the great things going on in the industry to the non-gaming community.

A lot of the "press" do this hate but then the sites/or magazines hide behind the well it's just their opinion. When it comes from large outlets the average reader doesn't know any better and they just believe it.

Like I said it's up to us to inform the world and shut these types of cats down on every turn.

Theyellowflash302221d ago

The Sun isn't the most creable site/publication around. Take what they say with a grain of salt.

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