Xboxer360 - Preview: Fable: The Journey

Ben of Xboxer360 writes, “Fable is one of the big Xbox franchises that no doubt everyone has played, myself included, in fact I’ve been a fan of the whole series. That's right even Peter Molyneux, with his insistence on making huge promises on each sequel before almost immediately stating just how naff they were compared to the next in the pipeline, couldn’t turn me away from such a great set of games full to the brim with character, british humour and amazingly addictive gameplay. Fable 3 was easily one of the most controversial in the series with a lot of fans disappointed by how stripped back it felt but for me it was one of best games in the series with such a huge single player experience, yes the fighting system was simplified and certain elements were removed but for me it felt like an all round better experience."

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Dlacy13g2224d ago

Interestingly, I haven't heard a really negative preview on this game yet. That said, I am 100% still waiting on full reviews before I buy into the hype on this one. My Steel Battalion Heavy Armor scars are still very deep.

Shadonic2224d ago

yea im still weary on what happend because you dont just go to amazing in one enviornment and then crappy in another and just blame it on the device.

ChunkyLover532224d ago

The demo has sold me 100% on this, I broke down and pre-ordered it yesterday. I love the Fable series and the lure itself, the gameplay was fun, fast and furious. Kinect might have its hater's, but they've managed to put out a solid amount of fun titles.

oleretrogamer2224d ago

I have been on the fence about the whole kinect experience, but I went out and bought one last week just because of this game. I love all the Fable games, some more then others. But after reading the reviews and hearing about all the features I just had to try it. I pre-ordered the game last week. Can't wait!!

Shadonic2224d ago

try the demo it was pretty fun.