Tweet Flash: Team NINJA To Reveal A New Game At Tokyo Game Show 2012

Team NINJA (Ninja Gaiden, DEAD OR ALIVE) took to Twitter to announce that they will reveal a brand new title at this year's Tokyo Game Show.

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ninjabake2223d ago

Sweet! I know they've got talent over there so I'm sure the game they announce will be decent. We shall see..

memots2223d ago

Awesome. This is the first Zombie game i get excited about since Left for dead 2 , Good work.

Naners2223d ago

Yes, sorry everyone. I submitted this almost 2 days ago when the news was fresh. I had honestly almost forgotten about it! XD But the new game is indeed: Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z.

Gonna' try to get more information and translations done as they become available!

DivineAssault 2223d ago

I wonder which consoles.. I know PS3 will get it for sure.. Microsoft didnt even attend TGS & who knows about nintendo getting a new game like this

WiiUalpha2222d ago

I notice a trend. If it's a Wii U game announcement you are nowhere to be found but if its not announced for Wii U you go to the article just to point it out.

Kinda sad really that you feel so threatened by a piece of plastic simply because it isnt called Vita, you are going to selectively troll certain articles in some lame attempt to make it look bad.

DivineAssault 2222d ago

go troll someone else little WiiU man.. Dont get mad cuz u cant find any new games to play on ur fisher price kidtendo system.. Holla at me when u find a new game on it.. That M rated lol

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