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Dealspwn: "The whole simulation vs. arcade debate is bullshit," says Turn 10's Dan Greenawalt. Of course, one would expect a fairly emphatic response like that considering that for the past six months journalists and fans alike have been looking at Forza Horizon and wondering why the hell the Xbox's petrolhead jewel is seemingly coming over all Burnout. You can tell that Greenawalt has made this impassioned speech a hundred times already, that there's some grit behind it, that he's concerned that somehow people still aren't getting it. "This isn't an arcade game," he says. "Don't create sim vs arcade, that's just an excuse for lazy design. In arcade games, the car is disposable. You might start off with something like a Ford Focus, for example, but as soon as you unlock that Mustang the Focus is forgotten about, it's redundant. Now I'm not saying that's not fun, there are plenty of good arcade games. But it's not Forza."

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