Just Cause 3: 'Most Realistic Open World Vehicles Ever', Current & Next-Gen Teased

NowGamer: Avalanche Studios has revealed more about its plans for its next open world game via a new job listing for a vehicle designer.

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Hellsvacancy2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

"Just Cause 3 could be headed to current and next-gen platforms too" PC, PS3, 360 and the Wii U (Wii U being the "next gen" system) in other words

Something tells my comment is going to seen as some sort of hate, im telling you it isnt, JC3 will be out in 2013 at some point, there isnt going to be a PS4/720 in 2013, meaning the new Wii is the next gen system there talking about

It sucks because I want JC3 to be a PS4 launch title, how cool would that be, JC2 was fun on the PS3 but it looked whack (i hate 2d objects that move around as you do), I want it to look as good as it does on the PC, I really thought JC2 was the last for this gen

Hopefully im wrong aye

Septic2318d ago

I'm not sure if Just Cause 2 will benefit from more realism. Its the outrageous physics PLUS the massive scale of the world that really makes this enjoyable.

But that aside, can you imagine the size and scope of a next-gen Just Cause 2?! Even today, I'm in awe at the scale of it.

Qrphe2318d ago

"No, let's give it realistic driving like they did with GTAIV, driving was sooooo much fun in that game"

Hopefully they were talking about realistic-looking when they used that term.

Wenis2318d ago

The original Just Cause came out on Xbox, PS2, and 360. So it wouldn't suprise me if they at least port it over to PS4/720 whenever they come out.

inveni02318d ago

You can make a game look more realistic without taking away the over-the-top awesomeness. JC2 has the best vehicle explosions ever.

ThanatosDMC2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

I hope that realism they're talking about doesnt make the game less fun. I want to be able to ride outside my jet while barely hitting the open waters.

calibann2318d ago

@Qrphe You mad cause you can't turn a corner at 80mph? The weight and physics of the cars in GTA were incredible and remain my favourite car physics to date. You can't say you prefer JC2 car physics!?

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FunAndGun2318d ago

usually I agree with you. For the size and scale of JC2, I thought it looked just fine though.

I hope when they say realistic that the game won't follow the path of GTAIV. Just like JC2, I hope JC3 retains the fun and silliness.

HammadTheBeast2318d ago

I wouldn't call it silliness, but outrageously badass e.g. Skysurfing on a jet.

FunAndGun2318d ago

@ HammadTheOne

Ok, that works too. ;)

tigertron2318d ago

"There isn't going to be a PS4/730 in 2013".

Where is your source? for all we know a fall 2013 release could be on the cards. It's highly probable that we'll see an E3 unveiling.

Ippiki Okami2318d ago

The new xbox was coming in september 2013 but they are having problems with a faulty chip thats affecting production and may delay launch till 2014.

Persistantthug2318d ago

Think about's already the end of 2012....the only show we have left this year is TGS this once that's done 2012 is done...were basically in 2013....basically.

If there's no announcement, acknowledgement, or mention by Sony for a PS4, then its over, and we're looking at holiday 2014...and even that's not guaranteed, but 2014 at the earliest.

Also keep in mind, that regarding PS4 for 2013, whenever Sony officials have been asked, they keep emphatically giving "NO".

Now, is it possible that Sony could announce something this week at TGS....yes it's possible...but it's "Hopes & Dreams" possibility at best.


@ Persistantthug

The 360 was announced in May 2005 and it launched in Nov 2005.

so it's quite possible that the new xbox will launch 2013.

If we go by history and I can't imagine MS will want the wii U having too much of a headstart as it is.

The only console I am not so sure about is the ps4, but the xbox, I think there is every chance it will see 2013 launch.

Persistantthug2318d ago

video game news back in 2003.

Microsoft mentioned and acknowledged an "XBOX 2" as early as 2003...more than 2 years before XBOX 360 actually launched. Yes, it became OFFICIAL (gave it a name) publicly in Summer 2005, but Microsoft spilled the beans on it way before you go.

ATI wins bid for next Xbox

"We selected ATI after reviewing the top graphics technologies in development and determining that ATI's technical vision fits perfectly with the future direction of Xbox," Robbie Bach, senior vice president of Microsoft's home and entertainment division, said in a statement."
Companies always acknowledge said upcoming system with no less than 1 year from launch date (usually it's 1 1/2 years minimum)
Home consoles don't just appear out of thin air.
My point is, is we always know said home console is on it's way....always

tigertron2318d ago

They're working on next-gen consoles, we've known that for a while now. Microsoft announced and released the 360 in 2005, I'm sure they will repeat that.

We've also had claims from EA's boss that he has personally seen both consoles, therefore, they exist and developers have been hiring for next gen games for a while too.

Therefore, it is highly likely that we will see both consoles unveiled at E3. I'd say the next Xbox will be out at the end of next year and probably the spring of 2014 for the PS4.


@ Persistantthug

Wow.... grasping at straws....

I have been gaming for the last 27 years and I was following news on the xbox and 360 before either launched.

it seems you have not been following much of what has happened lately...or you are not too good at reading between the lines.

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FarCryLover1822318d ago

If the PS4 and "720" do come Fall 2013, then this is a great possibility. They would be following a trend too because JC1 was last gen/ current gen, then JC2 was just current gen, then hopefully JC3 current and next gen.

subtenko2318d ago

Anyone else think the developers finally saw some light in what they should do from the JC2 Multiplayer mod? I mean come on..I dont know their reasons but to not add at least a 16player online mode was a let down. I hope JC3 and GTA5 competition keeps raising the bar higher. We get more polished games with more content.

Saints Row 4 too if you are into that game as well. I'm just more of a GTA guy though, and now JC3

vortis2318d ago

They didn't multiplayer to JC2 because it would have expanded the budget and pushed back the release date. Plus, they weren't sure how it would have worked in the game.

The mod gave them "direction" on how to approach multiplayer for JC3.

In this regards, Avalanche made the right call. Better to have a polished game than shoddy multiplayer tacked on just because.

yess2318d ago

The reason they didn't ad MP to JC2, was the budget.

JC1 was a new engine to test what they could do with a game, it wasn't supposed to be a game,the game was called Just cause, just cause they could make a game from the test, the game was not a money maker.

JC2 was a new build of the first engine, but as the money wasn't there from the first game, they went for completly single player, the game sold well and continue to sell well, the multiplayer mod will create even more sales as the mod on final release not will work on pirated version.

I just bought the game again on Steam for cheap, and are ready for some fun in MP, Just Cause it's an awesome game with a big fun factor.

subtenko2318d ago

Oh ok I understand. Only thing is about the comment on "how it would work" The JC2 multiplayer mod maker said it nicely. It doesnt have to work in a way that makes sense, just make it free and fun. The name of the game it self is JustCause, as in just do it and have fun while your at it :D

Note to other people wanting it for PS4 & 'Xbox720': Yea I know what you mean...but unless they have the tools now we'd be waiting another year (Which isnt bad since gta5 is coming out,lol)

ChunkyLover532318d ago

I'm not sure about a PS4, but Microsoft had official leaked documents. Their last Xbox 360 game looks like its going to be Gears Of War Judgment, which will launch in March of 2013.

If history repeats itself like with the original Xbox and the Xbox 360 Microsoft will hold their own presser in April and announce the Xbox 720, it'll be shown off at E3 2013 and will go on sale in November of 2013.

They have the oldest hardware and they wont wait two full years to release a new console when Nintendo is releasing a new one this year.

humbleopinion2318d ago

I rather not consider JC3 a next gen title since it's not targetted solely towards next-gen platform. We've seen the first Just Cause which was targeted towards both last gen and this gen, and it wasn't very impressive. Just Cause 2 was the proper game we've been waiting for, and I will gladly wait for Just Cause 4 to properly take advantage of next gen platforms.

Blackdeath_6632314d ago

hopefully i will get a PC by the time JC3 is out so i won't have to worry about all this next gen Bulls**T. my only issue with current gen is limitations like view distance its all good having a massive game but its no use when you can only see a couple hundred meters around you. i think it would be wise for them to go for a massive online free roaming approach.

p.s: also the voice acting is AWFUL in JC2 id like to see that fixed.

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skyward2318d ago

Think the next Xbox will launch by November 2013... could be dual-launch like original Just Cause

LiViNgLeGaCY2318d ago

Really? I'm almost sure Sony and MS will release their new consoles Fall of next year.

I kind of feel this gen is on life support. But don't get me wrong, there are still plenty of amazing games coming out, and I'm excited for them. I just feel we're in dire need of that next big leap. Not just in terms of graphics, but what you can even DO in games.

TheF3AR2318d ago

I agree we need more. The things we could do in games if we could do more.

RockmanII72318d ago

The problem with Fall 2013 release is that consoles are rarely announced and released in the same year. The WiiU was announced at E3 2011, the PS3 and the Wii were announced in 2005. Only the 360 was announced/released in the same year but that's because MS was trying to replace the original xbox as soon as possible and they needed the jump on the next gen (which likely lead to the RRoD not being discovered in testing) now that they share the same audience size as Playstation they don't need to rush out their next console. Unless the next Playstation/Xbox are announced at the VGA's I'd bet money on a 2014 release.

t0mmyb0y2318d ago

@LiViNgLeGaCY What are you talking about? You don't work with any company, you don't know what they are doing lol

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Fishy Fingers2318d ago

Can't wait for another JC, the second (with mods) is the most fun I've had in a sandbox game. Been a long time since I last played it, but as soon as the multiplayer mod is opened up, I'll be putting a lot more time back into it.

jd6662318d ago

The controls spoilt JC2 for me, hope JC3 improves them!

M1chl2318d ago

Man best news this day, CAN'T WAIT!