5 games that will make hardcore gamers buy a Wii U

Here are the five games that Xbox 360 and PS3 owners will all want to play.

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XB1_PS42224d ago

Really, I'm not going to buy a Wii U for bayonetta 2. I didn't even really know about the first one. I'm more likely to buy it for Zelda, more than anything else.

WiiUalpha2224d ago

well the article is talking about hardcore gamers and if you never heard of baynetta then I wouldnt really consider you a hardcore gamer. No offense but core gamers know what games are coming out.

XB1_PS42224d ago

That hurt my feelings. Lol. Just because I wasn't interested in a game doesn't make me a hardcore gamer? I buy 1-3 games a month, and I know mostly every game. I'm just not interested by the hack and slash vibe of it. I probably seen it, and forgot all about it.

Who defines the hardcore gamer anyways? You don't.

BrutallyBlunt2224d ago

Those 5 games look good but only 2 of them will be available at launch.

WiiUalpha2224d ago

You said in your first post you didnt really know about it..Now of course that changed to "not interested in it" which isnt the same thing at all.

Ninjabake is correct about what I am saying. I see you understand too which is why your excuse changed.

I guess you should have thought it through first before pretending to not know it even existed. You tried to play down the game but only played yourself down by admitting you do not know much about the game even existing.

ninjabake2224d ago

The thing is, you said you didn't even really know about the first one. That implies you didn't know it came out or what it entailed. Then you said you did know about it but wasn't interested (nothing wrong there) but you seriously can't call yourself a gaming enthusiast (I don't use the term 'hardcore gamer' cuz it has no true definition) if you don't at least know about the new games whether your interested or not I think that's what WiiUAlpha was getting at.

XB1_PS42224d ago

What I was trying to get across in the second comment is that I may have known about it when it was newer, but It didn't leave a lasting impression on me. I forget about a lot of games, and that's because they don't appeal to me. I don't remember every single game I've ever looked at. Therefore at the time of my first comment, it is plausible for me to not know that I've seen it before.

Thatguy-3102224d ago

If the first didnt sell a lot though it was multiplatform what makes people think that a sequel that is exclusive to Nintendo will do any better?

HarryMasonHerpderp2224d ago (Edited 2224d ago )

Nintendo need more new IP's to get me on board.
I'm also worried they will pull a Wii again and sell out the hardcore once they have them on board.
I'm hoping it will be more like the Gamecube and N64 systems.

ninjabake2224d ago

Depends on what you mean by "hardcore gamer" the Wii had plenty of 'core' titles (games that have depth, not just minigame compilations or fitness games) you just have to be aware of them. They're there, people just aren't educated on it. Does the Wii have tons of shovelware? Absolutely. Does that mean it has no solid titles? No.

It depends on what your into. But if your a gaming enthusiast or an overall fan of gaming then you can't dismiss the Wii. As far as what the Wii U will do, only time'll tell.

ninjabake2224d ago

Really? People don't think the Wii had any core titles? OK I see we don't have many gaming enthusiasts on here, that's cool.

Hicken2224d ago

Not "any," which isn't what you said, but "plenty." Most core gamers didn't see "plenty" of core games on the system. And even if they WERE there, they were overshadowed by Nintendo's focus on its more casual offerings. MadWorld and No More Heroes are great examples, but they got not nearly the type of publicity as even the smallest Mario game, or Wii Sports. Hell, even Kirby was relegated to second-class status on the console: it got more exposure than the third party stuff, but not nearly as much as Mario, Zelda, or Donkey Kong.

You're overreacting.

tehpees32224d ago

They don't really need new IPs though. They can make surprising sequels to their franchises to keep things fresh. F-Zero, Starfox, Wave Race, Eternal Darkness, Pikmin and Xeno are all games that could use sequels and most haven't had them in a while. Those are enough to compensate no new IPs (though they would be welcome).

2224d ago
from the beach2224d ago (Edited 2224d ago )

Wonderful 101, Pikmin 3, NSMB U, Rayman Legends and Monster Hunter 3 ... from the first six months or so? Hell yeah. I think they've played a blinder in covering the various audiences.

izumo_lee2224d ago

The Wii U is getting some pretty good games, but one thing i do worry about is the same thing that plagued the original Wii.

The Wii also had some great hardcore games but they barely sold on a console with such a high install base. A good example is Madworld & No More Heroes, yes they are over 500k but that is poor for a system with over 90 million install base.

I hope the Wii U does not fall into that same ideal cause it can be appealing to some.

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