Review: Jet Set Radio (darkzero)

"I am surprised it took Sega this long to release an HD port of the critically acclaimed Jet Set Radio. Then again, the company has made some disappointing decisions in my opinion, such as the stupid March 2013 delay for Anarchy Reigns (the game is fully translated already!) and HD ports for games that people most likely did not ask for. Who would take Sega Bass Fishing over ChuChu Rocket or Skies of Arcadia? Anyway, Jet Set Radio is finally here to tease our nostalgia for the game, but is nostalgia this time a double-edged sword?" (darkzero)

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nrvalleytime2246d ago

Man - this game brings back some great memories.

deno2246d ago

Not sure what you mean there buddy.

Hicken2246d ago

Reviewers (as a whole) can't seem to decide what they want out of this game.

Which is fine. I'm gonna get it regardless.

ClintonBeardsley2246d ago

Yeah, I agree. I played the game for review, and while there are faults, the game is still very unique and a lot of fun. Plus....the game goes for the price of a Playstation game on PSN ($9.99), and this game gets upgraded visuals. It's a really good deal.

ClintonBeardsley2246d ago

A well written review. I also reviewed the game for Operation Rainfall. I was actually surprised when I went online afterward and saw a large amount of negative reviews for the HD re-release.