Fox: Videogames will destroy the Earth (one OTT headline deserves another)

Destructoid writes:
Not satisfied with making an utter fool of itself over the Mass Effect "controversy," Fox's pathetic attempts to discredit the games industry have reached new levels of ridiculous. The "news" source's Web site has published a story that claims research is now blaming videogames for the eventual decline of Mother Nature herself. It only briefly acknowledged the fact that televisions and computers are actually what the researchers reference in their little assassination attempt.

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Kakkoii4322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

Wow.. Fox news is always up to something aren't they eh?

The only reason you can link Video Games with depression. Is because people with depression want to stay at home. And if you want to stay at home, what the hell else are you going to do to try and cheer yourself up? Go on the internet or play video games is what a depressed person would do to keep themselves from committing suicide. The video games aren't what cause depression.

If anything, they help keep depressed people from hitting the bottom and committing suicide.

(Btw, How does not going out in the wilderness lots effect mother nature? If anything it helps mother nature. It lets wild animals be at peace. It helps keep harmful garbage from being littered in the forest by people. It helps keep animals from getting sicknesses from humans passing by. And many other things.)

ravenguard884322d ago

I can't be respectful about it. They're disgusting.

wageslave4321d ago

The word you're looking for is Causality.

"quality of causing effect: the action that causes an effect, or the ability to cause an effect"

Or, do videogames *cause* depression? That is the question. Why? Because CORRELATION does not equal CAUSALITY.

Its a simple element of logic. And, Fox's audience, being the most simple and ignorant people in the nation, dont understand that Fox is filling them up with stupidity.

Its like this; lets say 99% of the world's strippers are blond. It is right to say Being Blonde causes you to be a stripper?

Dr Pepper4322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

Of course!!!

It must be the videogames!!!

Not the increase in the price to travel (gas prices, etc.). Or the fact that people have a ton of stuff to do on a regular basis. Or the fact they have seen it before and don't feel like going again.


They obviously wanted the general public to view them as idiots, so they wrote this article. The hypocricy is so blatant that it's not even funny. Are they not a program that is on TV every day? Did they not just use a computer to make this article?

RecSpec4322d ago

Unfortunately the general public still views video games as a lower form of entertainment. So they might actually jump on this bandwagon.

Whoooop4322d ago

I sincerely think that Jack Thompson bought FOX..



RecSpec4322d ago

Jack Thompson aint got sh*t on Bill O'Reilly

yamamoto1144321d ago

At least Jack Thompson is siding with gamers on the Mass Effect controversy.

haloblows4322d ago

Is the greatest network ever!

i Shank u4322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

whats so great about fox? network or pooping wise?

edit - so do alot of people on other networks. Fox is like the flaming fanboy of the major media networks; always trying to stir something up outta nothing

haloblows4322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

Fox is pure awesomeness!

They say what ever the hell, they want to say.

ravinash4322d ago

Um....thats not what a news agency is supposed to do.
They are supposed to report news, not tell us what to think.

yamamoto1144321d ago

Clearly someone hasn't heard of "sarcasm" before.

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dinkeldinkse4322d ago

The baby channel is the greatest network ever.

haloblows4322d ago

What are you smoking? Fox is clearly the best.

dinkeldinkse4322d ago

The baby channel is clearly the best.