LittleBigPlanet gets second Patch on PS Vita

Sony und Tarsier has released the second Update for LittleBigPlanet on PlayStation Vita that improves Cross Buy and more.


The LittleBigPlanet Servers are also available from now!

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joffa812273d ago

FFS !!!!

I have not even received my copy (here in UK the street date has not been lifted) and there is already 2 patches out.

r212273d ago

Same here in Asia buddy :C

pr0digyZA2273d ago

Yup was hoping the digital version would atleast be up.

Big_Mex2273d ago

There's already a pretty good amount of community made levels to play. Can't wait to see what people make with all the tools at their disposal.It's pretty nuts the amount of content that this game has especially for handheld title.

GuruStarr782273d ago

Anyone know if there will be first person shooters like lbp 2?

core_52273d ago

Yes, all Create features of lbp 2 are also available in the ps vita version.

GribbleGrunger2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

That's very doubtful. The FPS levels used the 3D camera glitch but it may not be in this version. It might be, but don't hold your breath. Neither is the 5o layer glitch by the way... but you never know, there may be glitches specific to this version which allow for other nice effects

ZeroChaos2273d ago

A second patch already?

How broken was the game when it was released?

xursz2273d ago

I haven't noticed anything substantial but apparently they made graphical improvements (possibly in menus or something) and this latest one comes with PS3/Vita CrossBuy support (cosumes and such).

I'm not sure if thats the answer you're looking for or if you're just trolling but there ya go.

ZeroChaos2273d ago

I'm not trolling, it was a legitimate question the game only came out this week and its already on the second patch!

If its adding stuff then that's good.

xursz2273d ago

No worries. I didn't recognize you as an avid troll that's why I decided to give you the benefit of the doubt.

I think the fact this game has gotten high praise from critics (before the updates) shows this game is anything but broken. If you have a PSVita you should definitely get it. Or if you have a PS3 you can settle for the next best thing in LBP2.

typikal822273d ago

They probably had to disable some song about a book and a guy before people start setting Sackboys on fire worldwide.

makemyteapunk2273d ago

All Sonys game launch like this. Thats why i always wait a year for them to be fixed before i buy them second hand.

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The story is too old to be commented.