505 Games and Starbreeze Confirm Payday 2 and P13 For 2013

SegmentNext - "Starbreeze has confirmed that 505 will be the publisher for the upcoming Payday 2, as well as a secret new IP only known so far as P13."

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ardivt2248d ago

next payday will be day one for me. got it pretty cheap from the steam summer sale und had so much fun with it!

WeskerChildReborned2248d ago

If Payday 2 is pretty innovative compared to Payday 1, then count me in.

NYC_Gamer2248d ago

How about another Riddick game?

kamakaz3md2248d ago

payday was pretty fun tho i only played the demo, or beta w.e. it was... just got me pumped like i was in the movie THE TOWN!!!!!

antiAntag0nist2248d ago

I like the idea of Payday, but the controls for the PS3 version were not that great.

Oldman1002248d ago

The controls for the ps3 version are problematic for me as well. Setting the ps3 to output in 480p seems to improve them though.

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