New Zealand Wii U prices listed as $479 basic, $579 premium

Stevo writes: "The website for New Zealand retailer EB Games has posted the prices for the Wii U. The basic pack will retail at $479, and the premium at $579."

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Relientk772220d ago

Damn thats expensive :-/

DivineAssault 2220d ago

damn, guess they aint buying it then

DwightOwen2220d ago

Why is everything so fucking expensive Down Under???

Salamander2219d ago

428$ in OZ, i think thats reasonable for the premium.

NintendoNationBlog2219d ago

Because we're awesome. No, seriously, we get everything expensively. The Wii U is $349 and $429 in Australia, yet $479 and $579 in New Zealand, which is a lot, but not too bad TBH.