Kuma’s Thought: What is a Gamer?

Kuma Wrote: I am expecting a flame war to happen, but I really want this to be a good discussion on how many of you feel about the idea of a “Gamer”. I will admit, at first I was about the ideas of the games you play, but that was just my general opinion of what I considered a game in the first place. That was not a fair judgment on my part at all. In this post I am hoping it submit clarity to those that get belittled for being labeled, “Not a Gamer”. In that I say this, “Who died and made you Ralph Bear?” (For some of you that don’t know he is the father of video game consoles. He invented Pong!)

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HiddenMission2316d ago

I agree there are different levels of gamers and I usually break them down into two groups casual who are new to the gaming scene, less informed on the gaming industry and are less driven towards open conversation about how involved gaming is in their lives. Then there is core gamers, they eat, sleep and breath anything gaming. The core gamer knows what TGS is and knows who the development team and key individuals from the industry are. The core gamer is very passionate about gaming and will stand up for their beliefs.

Casual gamers are on the rise but once they get a title that truly sucks them in then they become core gamers.