Black Mesa - Setting the bar for HD remakes writes: Black Mesa sets the bar for what gamers should expect from a HD-remake. Instead of a money making exercise, we want a real HD-remake that reminds us exactly why we loved the original in the first place. We need more than just upscaled graphics and little differences. I want to look at a HD-remake and be wowed like I was when I saw Black Mesa for the first time.

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DoomeDx2221d ago

Since when is Black Mesa an HD remake?

I can play Half Life 1 in HD aswell without a remake.

Its just Half Life 1 recreated in the Source engine. And they did a perfect job at it!

Best Mod Ever. And its free!!

DoomeDx2221d ago

Why are 3ds, xbox. psvita etc in the search tags?

CaptCalvin2221d ago

Because the author is trying to say that Black Mesa sets the bar for HD remakes in general.

CaptCalvin2221d ago

HD doesn't inherently mean a certain resolution. It stands for High Definition, which can refer to anything from graphics to audio etc.

peowpeow2221d ago

Regardless, this sets the bar for remakes!

Slugg3r2221d ago

Even with some of it's bugs and some glitches, It is truly the best remake I've ever seen. Not only did it stay true to original, it even improved on it. This is just what I would expect from those $40 remakes, keep the feel of the original, but add enough to make it feel fresh again. Oh and this one was free.

peowpeow2221d ago

Did they redo the voice acting!? If so, I'm quite impressed with how spot on they are in comparison!

CaptCalvin2221d ago

They did actually. They modernized the lines a bit but haven't changed the tone. The scientists were supposed to sound very deliberately snobbish and they still do. Some kids these days take everything too seriously and complain about this.

Xof2221d ago

So the original Half Life supports HD resolutions and aspect ratios.

But wasn't there already a re-make of HL1 with the HL2 engine?

So that would make this Black Mesa thing the -third- "HD Half Life," right?

DoomeDx2221d ago

You mean Half Life Source?

That wasnt really a remake. They just upgraded it to run with Source. thats it. There was no diffrence at all, just ragdolls and shadows.

This however, is a game thats made from the ground up.

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CapsLocke2221d ago

What is HD remake? Half-life can run in 1920x1080.

CaptCalvin2221d ago

Like I said above. HD stands for High Definition, and can refer to many things and has no standard. You can even argue that it's subjective.

DeadlyFire2221d ago

In general it means an upgrade from previous version in a new set of graphics which means HD remake. Its a simple concept.

ninjahunter2221d ago

Wow, Someone makes an article that should empower gamers, people get butt hurt over semantics and enable companies to continue butt raping them. Gj guys, have a slow clap for your efforts.

t0mmyb0y2220d ago

Damn totally forgot about this project. Half-Life is one of my most memorable shooters growing up. Can't wait to replay it for....I don't know how many times I played HL :P

Venox20082218d ago

are there any news when xen levels will be finished?

and any news about opposing force remake release date?