Tekken the p**s: my issue with difficulty in Tag Tournament 2

TPG - Before I begin this opinion piece, let me make one thing clear: I love Tekken. Katsuhiro Harada’s beat ‘em up is the reason I bought a Sony PlayStation instead of a Sega Saturn, the reason I took up martial arts, and the reason my teachers rarely received my homework on time. From the moment I performed my first 10-hit combo at the age of ten, I was hooked. Consequently, I’ve purchased every instalment across all three PlayStation generations, become at least competent with every character, and taken part in a variety of official tournaments. In brief, I’m pretty handy.

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LOGICWINS2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

Very well written article. I remember playing Tekken 2 and 3 on my PS3 all the time when I was a kid. I had plenty of fun with the franchise despite not having the patience to learn even a two hit combo(except Law's Machine gun punch and Eddie's basic breakdance attack).

Shame to hear that this Tekken is virtually impenetrable for casual Tekken fans.

The people who say, "You just suck" don't realize that cheap A.I. is what stops casuals from getting into fighting games, thus giving the genre as a whole a bad name. If the genre has a bad name, sales dwindle. If sales dwindle, your precious elite fighting games that alienate 85% of gamers will stop coming down the pipeline.

Septic2319d ago

Gotta love the title heading.

I've noticed this problem in a number of fighters actually. End bosses tend to have similar difficulties regardless of the difficulty setting you pick. I do tend to play Hard modes by default and if I want to do a speed run I barely notice a difference in the end game. I think Street Fighter 2, Turbo HD Remix had a similar problem but I'm not 100% sure.

Mocat2319d ago

AI respons to button input so if you start mashing the AI will punish you just like online, you have to use a strategie like keep poking lows so ai will defend low and try a launcher

even though unknow was a B**ch at the end to beat i still got on ultra hard

Baka-akaB2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

"Shame to hear that this Tekken is virtually impenetrable for casual Tekken fans. "

Except it isnt at all . I know you are talking about the boss' AI in this instance , and it's true that it's weird to be that "hard" on easy .

But otherwise in every other aspect the game did a lot to teach beginners right , between its moves menues , tips and various training modes

krisq2319d ago

Figh Lab is a great example.

mike1up2319d ago

"You just suck"

Nice read. Sorry, couldn't resist lol.

It sounds broken, but aren't Boss Battles supposed to be tough anyway *shrugs*.

Thanks for the warning. I'll keep my fingers crossed for an update.

csreynolds2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

Don't worry my friend. I knew SOMEONE was going to bite... ;-)

I'm not going to contest your point; boss battles should be tough, but on the game's easiest difficulty setting stages seven through nine were brutal - even for me, and I've been playing Tekken for 18 years. The new 'bound' technique makes it too easy for the AI to knock you into the air and pummel you without remorse until you expire. If the first hit connects, you cannot defend against it. 9/10 it's lights out.

Again, I’m not saying TTT2 a bad game. It’s a fantastic tribute to the franchise, and playing other people is both fun and enjoyable, but the single-player component as it stands currently is an extremely frustrating affair.

mike1up2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

I believe you.

In all honesty, I wouldn't put past Namco anyway. The Apprentice in Soul Calibur made me want to pull my hair out.

And yes, like you, I play "a little" Tekken myself *flex*.

I have been playing since Tekken 1 first hit the arcades. I haven't played any single player Tekken Tag 2 yet, but online multiplayer on Tekken 6 was "bound headquarters".

SnowTheGoon2319d ago

Great article, i had the problem with multiple fighters like Guilty Gear, Street Fighter 2 or even Mortal Kombat. Some characters (mostly the main ones) are designed the way so you can pull off really easy combos/super moves/wake ups etc. which basically means that playing against the AI is a pain in the ass. And since they spam the same moves over and over without giving you the chance to attack you're getting frustrated and once they got you they'll continue with a deadly absurd super mega combo leaving you wondering what the F just happened. The attacks are cheap and they AI wont make any mistakes thats why the difficulty stays the same or it just seems that it stays on hard. They really need to do something about it!

rezzah2319d ago

Very true.

After MK 4 I noticed that Scorpion was always the easier character to play with over Sub-Zero.

This still hasn`t changed.

TheSpoiler2319d ago

Unknown is a whore, but there's a trick to beating her, and most other Tekken bosses.

1. Spammable moves. She can't deal with Kaz's spinning legs of death. Since she likes to attack a lot, enjoy the counter hits you'll get off of her.

2. Lower down your aggression. How well you play is how well the game response to you. Look at Ghost Battle. If I'm doing horrible, the CPU will kinda scale itself back. But if I'm doing great, it'll knock me around.

3. Tag combos. If you can map them to your L2 button, you can hit that and juggle her all day since she hardly ever blocks it.


I've have been playing tekken since it was in the arcade and for the first 2 years I was a cannon fodder. But, after years of training and practice, I will beat you like you stole something! I enjoy playing 1 vs 2 because it's a challenge. Tekken is a very difficult game just like a real martial art, it takes practice and dedication. If you are a newbie or just a casual gamers and you run into a monster like me, you will be cremated and there is nothing you can do about it but train like rocky.

Ares84HU2319d ago

Don't even compare this game to real martial arts!!!

You have no idea how wrong you are.

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