Cliffy B Doesn't Want Discs For Xbox 720, PS4

Cliff Bleszinski, lead designer of games like Gears of War at renown studio Epic Games, has spoken out about disc-based console systems. In fact, he's spoken out about disc-based gaming in general especially for next-gen consoles, saying “no disc-based games.” That was pretty clear.

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DaThreats2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

If SONY's new disc drive can use 100gb bluray discs
Then I don't see the problem...

Snookies122317d ago

Lol, not like this guy even cares about anything Sony related. I liked him at one point, but that was before he became one-sided on the console front. :\

Hisiru2317d ago

He doesn't want discs, he wants cartridges to come back.

Army_of_Darkness2317d ago

Digital distribution is fine for games under 3gb, but don't expect me to be downloading 10gb+ games every time a new release comes out.... and you know how pissed I would be if I had 25-30 games on my HDD and then my console dies?!?! I ain't spending weeks re-downloading everything! F%$K that! give me blu-ray disc.

rainslacker2317d ago


His actual quote didn't give any indication on what he felt was an alternative for the future, so it's unclear if he meant cartridges or DD only. Most of the DD talk is speculation based on past comments from him and Epic.

mewhy322317d ago

Well there's little doubt that Cliffy is a big deal in the games industry, seems to prefer Xbox over ps3. However, to say that you don't like him now because,"one-sided on the console front" is stupid. That's like saying that you don't like Naughty Dog because they are,"one-sided on the console front." Just stupid. Big freakin' deal.

Snookies122316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

@mewhy32 - That's not the best way to look at things comparing him with Naughty Dog who is an exclusive developer for Sony. I don't like Cliffy because he's supposed to be multiplatform on some games yet has a clear disdain for the Playstation for some odd reason. I don't mind developers preferring a system as their personal choice, but when it starts showing up as a clear "I don't like this system" type of deal... That is where I have the issue. You're supposed to be a professional in the industry, if you're doing multiplaform games treat each platform equally.

Brosy2316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

DD for all games is a pipe dream. Think of the mindshare a console maker would lose by not having there games and consoles plastered all over retailers walls. How would console makers get into "little Jimmys" view? Not to mention if anyone wanted to buy "little Jimmy" a game would have to know how to get online. Not every granny in the world knows how to do that. DD only isnt going to be done by any of the console makers. Because the one not to go brick and mortar would drop the bottom out of their sales.

pixelsword2316d ago

When it takes me four or five hours to go to a store and back and I get into the habit of throwing away the box and booklet and keep the disc permanently in the drive then I'll consider downloading as an option; until then, I like the ability to sell my games or reserve drive space for other things gaming or non-gaming related.

4Sh0w2316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

Dathreats, digital is a convenience and that's where new tech is headed no matter how much some want things to remain the same.

Snookies I bet you had no problem when Kojima preferred ps3.

Hisiru no doubt he is referring to DD not cartridges.

Army of Darkness I can already download full length games on 360 in minutes I'm sure with future refinements you'll be able to download 10 gb games just as fast, definitely quicker than driving to the store, plus no lines and no money spent on gas. Also there's this thing in DD called the "cloud service" no need to spend weeks re-downloading or worry of lost, scratches etc, just go online play game from your cloud account.

Brosy you're not being realistic DD is far from a pipe dream its already happening with current gen games, and dvds service like netflix the only reason it hasnt exploded is because the movie indusrty is holding back to figure out how to make sure they get their profits off new releases its just a matter of time before of course DD becomes standard because consumers love convenience. Grandma can continue to buy in store boxes for a game but instead of a disc inside it will be a card with the download code.

Pixelsword you sound like my Dad about 15+ yrs ago saying cell phones aren't needed, because he'd rather be at home when talking on the phone,if its that important just leave a message on my answering machine and I'll call you back when I get home, lol this 'n that excuse for not needing something more convenient. Yeah how things have changed.

Bloodraid2316d ago

Are you saying that consoles are shoddily made? Besides, current consoles require you to install games to be able to play them, why aren't you complaining about that?

I don't see what you're getting at. Games will be available through whatever service is provided by their platform of choice, be it Xbox Live, PlayStation Store, Wii Marketplace, or Steam.

On the other hand, stores could just sell vouchers that you could redeem for the game (you know, like many PC games do already).

What the hell are you talking about? Most games take maybe 20-30 minutes to download if you have even internet that's even moderately fast. Not to mention that magical concept known as data compression.

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ALLWRONG2317d ago

Flash is faster and so is streaming

CandyCaptain2317d ago

While true on flash memory, it's also incredibly more expensive for the amount of data you can store on it. Versus the likes of a disc which costs pennies and stores a ton of data.

doogiebear2317d ago

Also streaming stutters even if u have an amazing connection.

neogeo2316d ago

I want the big old fashion carts to be reborn. I love the feeling I used to have of slam dunking a cart into my Snes. No scratches to worry about and quick loading.

camel_toad2317d ago

Whether Cliffy B makes a good point or not he basically just says things to get the spotlight on himself. He loves the attention like a neglected 6 year old boy. Look up his rap star phase for reference.

Sorry I just wanted to insult him. Totally unrelated to the subject.

DeadlyFire2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

Blu-Ray XL. 100/130 GB discs. Not much more expensive at all either and works with current Blu-Ray format pretty well.

The only way no discs would work is if USB Flash drives were the replacement.

xtremeimport2316d ago

lol. K there Cliffy. Until internet companies worldwide remove or increase their monthly data limits this wont be a positive route for the gaming industry to take.

Id love to just be able to download everything, but I couldnt afford the game fee and then the extra id be charged for my download.

NotSoSilentBob2316d ago

The Disc and Packaging cut into the profit margin. That is why he doesn't want them. Just like 99% of the Devs out there pushing Digital over physical. That and they can take your right to use it away at a moments notice.

Gamer19822316d ago

Who cares what he wants anyway? He works for MS and does what they say and we all know it. He's a yes sir man now and the fact he signed on for another 3 Gears games exclusive to 360 proves it. Nobody gives up them sales im not even talking ps3 sales here he could have brought it to PC.

BinaryMind2316d ago

Has anyone seen the sales of online-only releases? Good luck selling 10 million copies of Gears of War when over half of the gamers out there don't buy digital.

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supersonicjerry2317d ago

If this is the case no disk then all new games better be $40 dollars due to the fact that it no booklet no plastic case or shipping to stores etc.. but wouldn't that just make all these other business such as gamestop and other places that sells games just useless?

TheFinalEpisode2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

By "no discs" he could also be referring to other types of data storage devices maybe SD or prabably a new type of card exclusive to the console.

Qrphe2317d ago

That would probably increase the cost for each game.
He wants digital distribution to be the norm.

TheFinalEpisode2317d ago

I wonder if that's some sort of insight he has on Next-Gen Consoles...

OneAboveAll2317d ago

No discs? You better have a plan on making massive hard drives that don't cost a shit ton of money Mr. Cliffy.

HebrewHammer2317d ago

Very true. This is most likely why Cliffy makes software, not hardware.

JellyJelly2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago ) make software he makes you have to know the hardware. Sometimes inside out.

He was the one behind giving the 360 more RAM that it initially should have, which has also been one of the most important factors hardware-wise.

It's become a trend among fanboys on N4G to blindly hate on anything that has relation to Microsoft. I even saw a brainless tool further down saying he wouldn't care if Cliffy dies in cancer. What's wrong with you?

rainslacker2317d ago


While this is true, because he is a software developer what he wants may not be indicative of what the hardware manufactures can actually sell. If he wants to push DD then that's all fine and good, but in doing so, and by making these quotes, he should at least offer counter-arguments and solutions to the negative sides of DD. This is something all these publishers who are pushing DD aren't doing. They simply state DD is the future, but don't address the truly valid concerns that many people bring up.

There is a huge difference between saying "give us more ram" and change your entire distribution method. The RAM has a direct link to game performance, and to shortchange that could have made the systems irrelevant a lot sooner. Changing distribution methods is a thing that requires serious market research and changing of attitudes among the consumers, and to ask for it in the next generation with no warning would be suicide for a console manufacture.

Currently all the Big 3 are playing around with DD models. They are testing the waters to see what works and see how they can get the most people to adopt it. It won't be until you see a significant number of people choosing digital over physical before systems go all digital.

It's easy to see why publishers and possibly developers would want a digital future, unfortunately for many people these reasons don't coincide with their best interests. From a publisher/developer standpoint DD is very one sided in favor of them and not the consumer. They fail at providing ways to make it a reality, and more often than not they keep repeating it hoping that the average consumer will jump on board and start demanding it.

I personally have nothing against DD, but physical media is going to stay around for quite a while. Internet infrastructure logistics aside, even if more people adopt DD, there are still way too many people who prefer physical media, and to exclude them from the market could possibly cause another industry wide crash.