Wii U: The Unanswered Questions

Vex of Play Legit Writes "Nintendo seems to want to take over the living room just like Microsoft, but at what expense?"

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ninjabake2220d ago

Very fair. I can understand where he's coming from. I wouldn't fully jump on if I needed more details either. However, I personally have seen enough to warrant a purchase but that's just me. I was gonna buy it anyway so my opinion isn't the best one to hear regarding whether or not to get it.

darthv722219d ago (Edited 2219d ago )

has their own personal threshold for buying into something. There will be the early adopters which many consider the beta tester consumers but they do have an advantage. they get to play with the new toys before the rest.

If you are unsure it will be something that interests you then the obvious choice is to wait. Read about it, do your homework and see if there is something about it that's appealing. But please, for gods sake, dont try and use personal opinion to sway the buying habits of others.

We all have been in that position of wanting to help someone unsure about something into making the right decision. Truth be told the right (or wrong) decision should be made by the individual. If you put yourself out there then you can become liable if it doesnt work out or you can be praised if it does.

I have seen far to many instances of blame rather than praise. (generally speaking)

ninjabake2219d ago

I see where your coming from, however you pretty much just gave a long winded alternative to what I had already stated. I wasn't disagreeing with the article I'm all for waiting and seeing, shoot its your money. So I'm not sure why you felt like you needed to respond to my comment rather just posting a general comment. I don't disagree with you or the author. The education lesson you provided is better suited for someone who doesn't see where your coming from.

darthv722219d ago

sorry man. Got caught up in the moment. No harm, no foul.

stuntman_mike2220d ago

I really want to know if you can have digital optical out on the console, and not the crappy RCA out.

darthv722219d ago

it be possible to feed a digital signal via the HDMI to the tv and then from the tv to the receiver?

I do that now with multiple HDMI devices going to the tv and then the optical out from the tv to a single optical port on my little surround sound.

It may not be perfect but it works.

stuntman_mike2219d ago

Yeah I suppose but it would have been nice if they added that support on the console as I just got a new sound bar, also I prefer to have the sound straight from the device it sounds a bit more purer. But no matter.

HybridCloud30002220d ago

I'm actually pretty excited for the Wii U. After SNES, I pretty much stuck with Playstation & Xbox. I really think that the Wii U will be more competitive this gen.

3-4-52220d ago

Yea 3-5 years from now they won't be able to compete with the HD graphics of the other two, but they will at least be able to put out a comparable respectable version of it, whereas Wii was just too far behind to even compete with xbox & PS3 in Hd.

Things are looking good.

Bobertt2220d ago

Nintendo said you can add a external hard drive to the wii u through the usb port so you won't need to buy one from nintendo like microsoft does. Microsoft sells a 320gb xbox hard drive for $130. You can buy a 1 tb external hard drive for $90-100! Wii U is definitely worth it! It has double the ram of current gen consoles so it should be able to more things smoothly. Im not certain but i think i read somewhere that said you can use the browser in the wii u while playing the game. Wii had some great games but most of them were casual and got boring after a while. The hardcore games they had usually had motion control problems like conduit. But others like no more heroes was awesome. The Wii U get Bayonetta 2 as an exclusive was good because now there is a reason to get a wii u. Even if the casual games get boring there will be more hardcore games like the other systems but with the wii u controls. The graphics will be at least as good as ps3 and 360. Im not sure if it will be better, if it is $350 is an awesome price. Xbox was $400 for 20gb when it came out. And wii u is even better but $50 less. Wii U has everything going for it in my opinion, only way they mess it up is if they don't take advantage of the gamepad. It seems awesome but developers usually use touchscreen or motion controls as a short gimmick instead of actually integrating it into the game. Like 3d movies. Wii has the best motion games in my opinion so if anyone can make it work its nintendo.

iamnsuperman2220d ago

One unanswered question about storage is can we play games of the external hard drives. It would be a massive mistake if Nintendo decided we couldn't.

Another unanswered feature for me is its online service and how are Nintendo going to make it competative

Bobertt2220d ago

Im not certain but i believe you will be able to play from the external storage. On the 3DS you can download games to the sd card and play from it. On the wii you can do the same thing i think, i haven't played on my wii for a long time. So i should think its the same thing for the wii u. They haven't said much about the online other than the video services they added. But from what i saw of it, it searches all the services you have like hulu or netflix and it gives you a summary of the episode or movie and a cast list form imdb on the screen. If they use the gamepad like that for the rest of it, it could be awesome. But i hope they make it free like psn and have a paid version after.

DivineAssault 2219d ago

i have unanswered questions too.. Why would someone want to buy this (non biased) if they own 360/ps3 already? Unless they like 1st party i dont see why