Vita Games NA Won't Get: Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f Review (Vita Import) - PlayStation LifeStyle

Reviewing a PS Vita game that will probably stay exclusive to Asia, PSLS says: "Even taking away all its bells and whistles like the unlockables and the editor, the music game itself is as solid as they come. Gamers curious to try something new — especially those already into rhythm games — might just do themselves a favor by turning off their inhibitions and checking out the Japanese phenomenon that is Hatsune Miku."

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dbjj120882224d ago

Agreed. I still dont quite understand the whole Hatsune Miku thing but I love importing to find out.

ftwrthtx2224d ago

PlayAsia is a great website for those of us that want these great games.

knifefight2224d ago (Edited 2224d ago )

I expected eBay to be better since a person could seemingly just shave a buck or two off the high import prices of stores, but in recent days, I've found that to be the case fewer and fewer times. Play-Asia is actually pretty solid.

Hicken2224d ago

The price they post is over $80. Does that include shipping?

StifflerK2224d ago

No , but they do give lots of delivery options.

The cheaper options can take around 1 -2 weeks to arrive , Fedex and UPS are more expensive but can deliver within 1 - 2 days.

Also , depending on which country you live in - you might have to pay import duties as well ( which are charged seperatley by whoever delivers your package.)

I've been buying stuff off playasia for years though , they're a great service.

It's also worth mentioning that you can buy digital PSN points off playasia ( you get the code right away) , as there's lots of good stuff to download off the Japanese PSN - and you won't have to worry about delivery/import costs, etc.

knifefight2224d ago (Edited 2224d ago )

Looks like it has a big "Free Shipping" stamp on it when I visit the page, so I'd say yeah.

That's like, cheaper than it is *IN* Japan, is the crazy thing. The game retails for like 6,600 yen which converts to like $84 (converted by When they're only charging what they are and including shipping, man, that's really giving a good rate. o_O

insertcoin2224d ago

Rhythm games are my weakness. Must find it...

Qrphe2224d ago

It's probably one of those games that doesn't really need a localization either (my friend played one of the Miku games on PSP). I picked up Gundam Seed: Battle Destiny and haven't really needed many translations.

knifefight2224d ago

That's probably true. I don't know what their sales expectations would be, but it seems like with this game, they could just translate some of the menu text (a lot of which is already in English -- just look at the screens, holy crap) and publish it mostly as-is.

Fans buying this are surely OK with the spoken words being Japanese, I'd think.

Hopefully the series can get a little more Western coverage and reviews and buzz so that it one day gets a localized game. At least one just to test the waters.

TongkatAli2224d ago

I heard its the best rhythm game ever made from my friend. I've been watching the concerts on YouTube and even thou I don't speak Japanese the songs are amazing.
Not even real pop singers have swag like Hastune-Miku.

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